Pack in a dense crowd of people, only one person was different from the rest as she covers herself in a hood. After looking inside the hood, you can only see a mask inside.

Curiousity killed the cat, removing her hood, two pointy ears popped up as she begins removing her mask…


A mad scientist who was once an otaku, he began his research to create one of his fetishes. Gathering kids that were abandoned, he began to experiment on them as each children became a monstrosity. Driven to perfect his research, he continue to work as each failed subjects continue to pile up. Dead bodies were thrown in in the incinerator as the living failed subjects were being used as entertainment by the rich.

When he almost reach the conclusion of his research, he gasped to see that there was only a single subject left. A young girl, barely eight, was now being dragged by the evil scientist into the chamber. Fiddling with the controls, the scientist activated the machine as the girl scream in pain. The scientist nimbling through his nails, piling up axiety as the door open to see that she was alive.

He couldn’t believe his eyes but fell unconscious, not knowing the reason he fainted. The girl used this chance as she escaped the facility. When she reach outside, a vast land of trees, cover through the area as the girl continued to run away. A long time has passed, the girl felt heavy since she only ran away from the facility without any destination. She stopped at a nearby river to rehydrate herself as she look at the reflection of herself.

Shock appeared through her face as her human ears disappeared and was replace with animal like ears. She couldn’t believe that she became a monster as a tail behind her, swinging around. Before she could recover from the shock, a bullet passed through her eyes as the men came from behind her as they pointed their guns at her.

“Die Monster!”

“Kill it!”

The girl ran for her life as she was being chased by the men. She didn’t realise herself but she outran them without noticing as her legs finally gave up and fell over. But right before her eyes, a huge bear aimed it claws towards her as she only covers her face, giving up hope.

But the attack never came as she looks up to see an old man smiled at her.

“Are you okay little girl?”

Her held out his hand as the girl reaches out…


8  years had passed after being saved by the old man. Her life began anew as she was being taken care of by the old man who live in the forest alone. But she wasn’t taken care of like a princess, instead, she was being trined by the old man in the span of six years. But it wasn’t just martial arts, she was taught in housework and surviving. But a sad day arrives when the old man was dying because of old age.

The girl had no choice but to move out of her home and search for the meaning of her existance as wandered off into the world. The things she brought were her bag, a cloak to hide her animal features and a mask to hid the fact that she was a girl.

‘More dangers arise if they found out you were a girl, so never reveal the fact that your a girl until you find a trustworthy person.’

She begins her adventure in finding the purpose in her life…


The girl wandered in the streets in the city as she observe the society but she felt lonely after being alone for a long time. As she continue to wander through the streets, her stomach growled her as she hadn’t eaten for days. She couldn’t stay unconscious and passed out from hunger. She can only see a person running towards her before she lost conscious.


As she open her eyes, she quickly check to see if her mask was removed. When she felt relieve after her mask was still there, she scan the area to see as she noticed her cloak was in the table. Cold sweat poured on her face when she realises that someone saw her animal-like features.

Then, someone opened the door as she prepared for her guard in case if it was an enemy. A young boy walked in the room as he held onto a plastic bag, containing something delicious as she could smell it. The young boy smiled at her as he pushes the plastic bag to her.

“You’re hungry right?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

Her cold gaze penetrated through him as her tone was deep. Her granpa told her that she should act like a guy since men would deem dangerous to her. Even though he was being treaten, he still act so carefree.

“Haha, sry about bringing you here. I’m Arcadia Blade or you can just call me Arc for short. I gonna say, i still can’t believe that Neko’s exist.”


The girl became confused as she didn’t know the term. Arc couldn’t believe his ears that this girl doesn’t know who she was. He scratches his head as he explain to her.

“Nekos are like you who have cat ears and tail. But i guess only otakus like me only know about this since it created from japan.”

He started to laugh at himself as she was confused to see that he wasn’t at least scared of him. He suddenly flinched as he took out his phone. He sighed at himself after reading the message.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh, just a my story got rejected again.”


She couldn’t understand herself as she was curious about this young boy. Maybe she could find a purpose to her life.


Now, 2 years after their encounter…

“Hey Arc, you still don’t believe i’m a girl?”

“If your a girl, prove it!”


While being glared at by Arc, she can only sighed as she takes off her mask. He couldn’t believe his eyes as he locks his gaze towards her face. She smiled at him as she put back her mask.

“Why do you hide your face?”

“Don’t care, i just felt like it.”

The girl who was once a test subject, now works on her story with a peron who she trust. Even through she had a crazy name, she still like the name. Psyku…