“F**k! Where the hell is she right now?!”

“Its a ‘he’. Did you forget the he’s a guy?”

“I know. But it must be a lie to be that beautiful despite being a guy.”



In a dense forest where gunshots could be heard, three people were hiding at a boulder while being fired at by the enemy. After the gunshots stopped, the three sighed in relief when a loud spinning noise and multiple bullets began to penetrate the bouler they were hiding from.


“Hahaha, com’on and call the ‘moonlight swordswoman’.”

A huge man while carrying a handheld gatling gun was obliterating the cover of the three as a young white haired cat-girl began to held her hands while closing her eyes.


“What did you say?”


But a voice appeared and knocked the man’s gun while giving an axel kick though the man’s head, spinning him in the air. A person landed on the ground as the man hit the tree and tumbled unto the ground. The white haired girl smiled as she hugged the person who saved them.


That person smiled at the girl while patting her head as the huge man began to laugh while trying to stand up.

“Black hair…golden eyes…that beautiful look…no mistake. Your the ‘Moonlight swordswoma-”

“I’m a guy!”

Before the man could even finished his words, he was pumbled down by the feminine boy as the three looked at the man pitifully.

“He had to say ‘woman’.”

“Can’t blame him for mistaking Arcadia for a girl…”



While Arcadia gave off a tearful face, the man’s subordinates began to spray bullets at them.

“F**k! We’re running out of cover here. What should we do?”

“…okay. you two will flank the enemy in the sides while i and Psy will charge through the enemy.”




Without even disagreeing to Arcadia’s orders, the three rushed out of the boulder and the two split into different sides while Arcadia charge through the enemy.

“I’m gonna ki-”

The mask man couldn’t even finished his words when a bullet passed through his head. Then, one by one, bodies fell over as each person was shot through the head at a long distance.

“Nya~ Nya Nya~ Nya Nya Nya~…”

A certain white haired catgirl began meowing while firing at the the enemy in a long distance using a sniper. The masked men were dwindling down while being mowed down by two people at the sides.

“Com’on! There’s only four people. Why are you…”

One of the masked men began to shout as Arcadia was right in front of him.

“An angel desended…”

His head was cut off by Arcadia as he only equippted only a sword on his hand while dashing off from enemy to enemy…


Evilarion, a new vrmmo game that was newly made to combine two things, fantasy and modern weaponry. But due to the fact that melee weapons are now being made into trash due to the fact that guns have made hand to hand combat useless by sheer firepower and fast reloading speed. Some equippted bows but swords, axes and any melee weaponry are now unpopular due to the fact that guns outmatched them.

Reigix Crixus, a guy with a love for swords and with his childhood friend Flora Rose, a modern gun expert. Decided to play Evilarion with their player names Arcadia Blade and Psyku.

Their adventures to the new world Evilarion with their friends as they try to have fun playing the game and discovering the secrets of the new vrmmo game Evilarion.