“Cyan, would you rather take a bullet to the head or date this girl?”

“I rather be tortured to death than date this girl.”

Hey guys, i’m Cyan and this is just my otaku story. No romance or anything. If you want one, i also have it. My romance of my waifus and no 3d girls. Or so i thought…

My father, who is the leader of a famous mafia group, ‘Bloody Skulls, wants me to date a girl i just met.

Flora Rosewood, the daughter of the famous buisness group, Rosewood Enterprise. A girl gifted with beauty, intelligence and talent. Who wouldn’t date a girl who was brimming with innocence as well? I do.

Me and my otaku friends had made a creed for ourselves.

‘An otaku will have many waifus but one true waifu,

Will he abandon his true waifu shall cut his otaku laifu,

Sacrifice for his waifu shall be a true otaku,

The creed of otakus will be in my otaku laifu.’

So if i date a girl and abandon my waifu, i will cut all ties with anime and my otaku ways. I rather die than to abandon my otaku ways.

“Ugh…i can’t convince this brat. What shall i do Andrew?”

“I’ll handle it here boss. Cyan, date this girl or i shall shoot this figurine.”

“You monster!”

“For our future. Choose.”

Dammit! He got Pochiko-san. This bastard…

“And also, even you got this thing-”

“Don’t you dare call pochiko-san a ‘thing’!”

“And even if you took it away, i already armed your collection with explosives.”


I can only give up to save my waifu. Flora walked towards me as her innocent eyes glance at my face.

“Please take care of me.”

“…please take care of me…”

My otaku life was now being invaded by a girl who i met today…