The darkness around had gave fear to us. I, in front of me, a lady of beauty and danger, stood with elegance as i was being gripped by the neck. Her seductive eyes gaze through me while i grasped for breath.


A young girl call out behind me. She also had beauty but compared to the woman that gripped my neck, she paled in comparison. She was my student who i once rescued from slavery, decided to follow my path instead of living a peaceful life. I can only smiled at her since my hands were already severed. The demoness already ripped both of my arms as my vision became blurry.



The demoness paled as it was too late. My spell was already done and light began to fall towards her, forming a seal. I was pushed back from her as i stood still in the air, floating. As my body begins to fade away, my student started to rush towards me, tears and mucus in her face.

“No! Master!”

“Its the only way…”


Bright light envelops us. That was last time i was alive, and my past life…


“Aniki, you’re gonna be late for class if you keep sleeping all day.”

“Ugh….ah…? !! Shit!”

I quickly jump in my bed, Quickly taking my shower and got in my school uniform. I rush downstairs as a young girl tossed me a toasted bread.

“Geez Aniki…”

“Hehe, swory…”

With a toasted bread in my mouth, i rushed outside the door as light brighten my view. Concrete walls and glass frames, i was reincarnated into a world where there was no knowledge of magic. The Modern World, or so i thought…

10 years ago, magic was brought out into light as people could use magic but some people couldn’t use magic and were called trash. My sister can use magic but i, was called trash.

It doesn’t mean that i can’t use magic, i just didn’t tell them. In my past life, i always live with danger and didn’t have a normal life. After i died, i made a vow that if i get reincarnated, i would become a normal person. But then, i got reincarnated and became an ordinary person.

Magic is now used as to combat the monsters that appeared out of nowhere. They call them ‘Drifters’ and only ‘Strikers’, who possess magic can fight against them.


“Ah, i’m sorry!”

While running at the sideways, i suddenly bumped into a girl at the crossway. Our situation was like a Shoujo manga that my little sis reads. But it isn’t the time to think about that…

“Dafaq did you do to her?”

Being held up by a guy who was thinner than you think, you wouldn’t believe that he was weak when he held me up with thoae thin arms of his. But people would instantly recognize that he began to glow light from his body. He was clad with magic and using them as to strenghten his physical body to lift me up with ease.

“I’m Sorry!”

I can only apologize and beg for his forgiveness rather than to anger him because i don’t want to involve myself from them. If your wondering why i don’t want to involve myself, you could see on his hand, a school emblem ‘Twin Swords’ on him. It was a school famous for training students to become Strikers.



He toss me to the ground as the girl walk towards me. You could see that she was also in the same school as him. Her beauty gave off a gentle yet overpowering aura around her as she gave a worried look as she held out a hand towards me.

“Are you okay?”

“Ah, nono. Its fine. Thanks but i’m sorry about that.”

“Oh, you don’t have to be so- eh?”

When she look at my face, she gave a confused look at me. Then…



Wait, wait, wait… eh? Her…?

It was the meeting of me and the student who was once my student in the past. It would bring me back to a world where i would faught everyday but…

Its going to be a Modern Magic Warfare between me and the old demon, i faught in the past…