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Chapter 2: Less worry about danger, more worry of the changes in time.

Alex Sept, here’s Day 1’s report:

After being sent back into the past, i stumble across the history of when my parents met. It seems that i tore a fracture in time because i entered the route instead of my dad…

I have only two choices for this situation:

1.) Ignore and walk away – 50%
2.) Save my mom- 50%

I would have picked option 2 if it weren’t for the fact that i’m in the past and may ruin the timeline. But if i abandoned my mom, there would be consequences leading me and my brother to never exist in the first place.

Guess i have to save her and find and alternate route for my parents…

“AIRA, enter battle execution.”


(From another point of view)

My name’s liliana and i just met a person whom made my heart skipped a beat.

“Guys, lets get this f**ker!”

When the three of them charge at this person, he suddenly vanish and reappeared as he gave a strong blow at the guy in front. He flew so far which both of his companions were shocked. But he didn’t stop there. He suddenly grab the closest guy’s face with his left hand as he tossed him into the air.

He then crouch down to the next guy and gave a strong jab which made the guy faint from the blow. When the guy who was tossed in the air almost landed to the ground, he then gave a strong kick at the guy’s back as he hit the ground painfully. Even though he was ruthless, it seems he only made the guy loss consciousness as well.

The leader seems pissed as he pulled out a knife from his pocket and charge straight at him. He was calm even though the man weilded a weapon. When the man thrust the knife at the young man.

What’s shocking is the fact that he dodge the thrusts with minimum effort while each hitting the man with his fingers as the man suddenly loses his stamina rather quickly.


“Stay down.”

After the man lost his energy to fight, he gave quick chop at his neck as the man loses his consciousness.

He then glance at me as he walked towards me with worried face. When he reached out his hand, i grabbed on to it as i pulled myself up…


But my feet became numb and was falling down but he caught me and pulled me towards him. My heart became crazy as i could see his face properly.

Beautiful black hair that reaches his neck, purple eyes that can bewitch any person that comes in contact, and his facial features which make him look more feminine but gave off a heroic vibe.


My heart was beating wildly that i couldn’t think properly about this situation. It seems he didn’t notice my pounding heart as he told me that he would guide me home.

I’m glad that i met with my prince charming…

(Alex P.O.V)

It seems as i made a big mistake in understanding this situation…

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Chapter 1: Returned to the past

I open my eyes to see that i’m in the middle of the forest in which, as my data gave was location of my father’s lab before he built it.

Better start my report.

“Alex Sept. Day 1 report. Summer time of year 2015. I’m at the location of the Green Valley forest before my father’s lab was built. Status: Normal. End report.”

As i finished my log, i survey the area while continuing my recon of the situation. It seems that i’m not detected by the locals and i should continue with my current objective.

I stood up and began to walk towards my target area…

As i checked my tracker, i met with so many glances of the people as i continued with my search with my target. It seems my clothing(blue stripped racing outfit that glows) were a little weird since i come from the future so i should try to blend in with the crowd. I glanced at a nearby clothing store as i scanned one of the clothes and decided to walked into an alleyway.

After avoiding the people’s glances, i activated my gadget which transforms my clothes into a modern outfit (white shirt with a black jacket, jeans and red shoes) as i wore a hat to cover my face.

I walked outside as the people stole a glance at me but decided to ignore me. It seems i should try to gather more information before i can continue the mission.

I gathered some info about the modern info of the present world. It seems that there’s a tiny bit difference in our common sense and i should becareful when meeting and ruining the timeline-

[Warning: A crime is being committed near you.]

Oops. Forgot to turn of the crime sensor. But it seems that something is wrong over there. I can hear a girl’s voice calling for help but i shouldn’t try to get involve-



“Ah, my bad-Hii!”

It seems i bumped into someone while trying to avoid the situation at hand but it seems i was forced to enter the situation because the thugs now looked at me with hostility. I should try to…eh…?



Both of us were staring at each other like the time stop. But i couldn’t help but be stoned faced because of…


“Mom, how did you met dad?”

My younger brother sat on Mom’s lap as he was interested about how she met dad. I was currently reading a book of robotics as i strained my ears to listen to Mom’s history with dad. She smiled at my younger brother as she patted his head.

“Well, mommy met daddy when she was attacked by bad men who try to kidnapped her. Daddy was like a hero but got beaten up by the bad men. Even though daddy was weak, he still stood up against the odds which made my heart skipped a beat. Then, the cops arrive and arrested the bad men.”

“Then, what happened?”

“Oh, it seems you like you listen to the story Alex?”


She smiled at me while she continued her story.

“Then, daddy was sent into the hospital and i have to take care of him because he was heroic even though he knew that he was weak. We then both fell in love with each other and we started to dating.”



I hope that i could see it in action…



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Year 20XX

“I’m sorry…”

“Its alright. I will complete the mission without failure.”

In a dark room that was covered with papers, machines that are more advanced than the modern scientific tech known to man and holographic image of a four person that resembles a family. There were two people talking as if they were a unit in which the middle-aged man is the leader while the young man was the subordinate.

The young man then walked at the sphere like object as he places himself at the middle of it while the middle-aged man press some button, which had activated the machine.


Like the steam engine starting. Some machine began to fumigate some white smoke as the sphere like thing started to move. The young man began to float as he bend into a ball while begining to glow inside the sphere.

“Good luck…”

“Hope i can see your smile again. Father…


Th emotionless eyes of the young man as he gave a smile to the middle aged man, which made him shed tears. Then…


The light began to glow as it brighten up the dark room. When the light faded away…

“Please save my sister. Son…

Looking at an old photo. The young man grits his teeth as a picture of a young girl with him but a younger version.

The middle-aged man looked back at the once active machine in which a young man was there but suddenly disappeared like air.

“Time Save. My only option…”

Thus, a time travel adventure of the young man begins…

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Crazy Sister End

Last Chapter: My crazy Little Sister

(Ayaka’s POV)

I heard from the maids that Onii-chan had broken with that slut. I felt happy as Onii-chan was going to be mine forever. I headed to his room with glee. But a guard was blocking my way from my brother’s room.



He wouldn’t even move as i ordered him to. Even if i glare at him, he still wouldn’t move on the spot. Before i even pull a blade from my pocket, my father opened the room .


“Oto-san, your guard didn’t let me see Onii-chan. I want you to fire him.”


Father’s eyes were gloom as he look at me. But i couldn’t care less about him. I peek inside the room as i couldn’t believe my eyes…
A towel was pressed onto my brother’s head as the doctors and nurses were silent and look down at him like he was a corpse.

It can’t be…




“No! He’s not dead! He’s just sleeping! He’ll wake up right? Onii-chan’s just sleeping right?”





“*Sniff* No…i…”

I ran away.

4 years have passed…

“Gramps, lets stop here for a moment.”

“Understood Ojou-sama.”

I walked out of the car as i looked at the certain place where i visit everyday. My brother’s grave.

4 years have now passed but i still couldn’t believe that my brother was dead. I kept comming back to his grave as i always put flowers on his grave everyday. I just tried to move forward but he was my precious person in which i couldn’t forget.

“*Sniff*Onii-chan…Come back to Ayaka…”

I always cried by myself because he was no longer alive because of me. I drove him out of the house, ruined his school life and even made him sick, which ended up in a deathbed and die regretfully.

“Lets go.”


I continue to live life in a empty soul as i headed to collage. Father was worried for me everyday because i tend to visit Onii-chan but i couldn’t care less about his feelings.

“Oh, i forgot that it was the entrance ceremony for the freshmen…”

My butler was surprise as we saw new students going inside the school. Because of students blocking the entranceway, i decided to get out of the car and tried to walk but i bumped into someone as we both lost balance.

“Hey Takashi! What the hell are you doing?”

“Sorry…Miss, are you alri-”





Possessive Sisters Chapter 22

Chapter 22: My sister (Yuna) Part 1


My vision was fading….

I could feel that my body became heavy from bleeding in the stomach. Yuna-nee was callling my name as i could see that she held me tightly. The children panicked but they calmed by the guardian as she called the ambulance.



She clenched my hands while shivering from fear. It was shocking to see that is blocked that blow from her. This children were like family to me after i lost my parents. Yuna-nee became paranoid and pulled the knife from my abdomen. Then, she aimed the knife towards her.

“I-i must atone…”



She stopped when i shouted at her. Yuna-nee was becoming paranoid as she must kill herself just to apologize to me. When she pulled the knife from me, more blood gushed out as my vision became blurry. But i pulled myself together and stood up. Yuna-nee became shocked as i patted her head while giving off a wry smile.

“I already have a family…”

As i said that, i flicked her forehead while giving off a sad smile.

“You and my big sisters…”

Before i can even continue talking, i passed out while hearing Yuna-nee’s sobbing…


“I’m sorry!”

Yuna-nee prostrates on thr floor as Haruka-nee and Marika-nee glared at her. Inside the hospital room, i was laid on the bed while seeing Marika-nee started to scold Yuna-nee.

“Haah…Yuna, you already know that Naru’s part of the family. Why do even think that he would go back to the Orphanage? He said to us that he really happy that he was adopted to our family, right?”


“Seriously Yuna. You had to go on psychopathic warpath just to make yourself look like an idiot…”

“*Sob* *Sob*”

Being scolded by both of them, Yuna-nee started to cry. I wanted to help Yuna-nee but seeing both of them mad, i only pray for her survival…
After the scolding was over, the nurse called them out because its past visiting time.

As my sisters walked out of the room, i called iut to Yuna-nee.

“Yuna-nee, can you come with me after i’m fully healed?”


Being invited by me, Yuna-nee was shocked…

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A long Holiday

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Its been a long time since i’ve came back from my long vacation in writing. I’ve been reading some novels and taking my time sleeping. But i want to continue what i’ve been making so far.

I haven’t made some chapters for some of my stories but i’ll start working on them. I’ve also release a novel that i’ll start working on my spare time. I’ve also finish Possessive Sisters(PS)but i’ll start working on the next arc after i’ve finish rewriting Time Save(TS).

My main priority right now is making a chapter for Evilarion so  the others will be postphoned or slowly update right now.

Another thing, school’s starting soon so i’ll be busy but Psyku will cover for me while i’m out.

I’ll be releasing PS and some chapters for TS so today will be announcing my status.

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But first, i would like to revive my old novel ‘Time Save’ which made me start my site here. When i try scanning the chapters, it seems that some chapters are missing and some of which were even written poorly.

I’ll rewriting the whole thing. After that, i’ll start writing the new arc for it. I won’t be making the other stories until i finished writing this one so you’ll have to wait until i’m done writing the whole Arc of ‘Time Save’. Anyways, i hope your still with me in my career as a writer.

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