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HfH chapter 32

Arc 3 Chapter 9:The Goddess’ Play

Night has descent. A young boy was currently asleep while a young girl beside him had been staring at him for an hour ago or so. She had a sad look on her face as she tried to reach out to his hand.

‘Alysha, you are not the one in control now.’

Her eyes turned dead as if she was tied with a string like a puppet and began to move without any freedom.

Her legs moved as she slowly got up from the bed and started to walk outside the room without waking the young boy beside him.



In an instant, the young girl felt like she had a will to live as she tried to struggle to move her body. But in no avail, she moved like a puppet again as she walked outside the room.

Continuing to walk in the corridors and outside the building, she was then greeted by a group of guards and a man who was the king of this kingdom with a girl beside him as she walked to Alysha.

“Fufufu, now ‘Ms. Princess’, its time for you to play the finale of your act in the play.”

She began to pat Alysha’s cheek as she began to glance at the certain window where a young boy was currently asleep.



Haru woke up from his sleep as he glance at the bed. The girl whom he had been caring for had disappeared while he quickly glance through the door where she would walk.


He dash through the door as he scanned the entire area around him with search magic. But she wasn’t in the building as he dash through the window and ran through the forest where a thin link of her’s could be seen.

‘My Brave little hero…’

His body begins to weaken due to the fight with that angel…

‘Where would you go to search for your little princess…’

His breath begins to get even harder.

‘Would you be able to find and save your little princess?’

He suddenly trip as his vision begins to blur.

‘Or would you find out that your princess…’

He stood up as he begins to stagger to reach his destination.

‘Would die by your hands…?’


HfH chapter 35

Arc 3 chapter 12:

At a cliff thats close to the sea, a young boy held a girl thats currently losing blood  on her body. Holding the boy’s cheeks as she gave a sad smile at him while the boy cast some magic to her.

“Haru, it won’t work on me anymore.”

“Bullsh*t! I can still save you Alysha!”

“The goddess gave me a potion that burns my soul. You can’t save me.”

“I can! Just believe in me!”


Alysha could only smile sadly at him as he continues to to cast spells at her. Even though he’s powerful, can do amazing things, he isn’t god. He’s just a weak boy who got into this world as he begins to lose everything from him.

“Haru…i still want to live. I want to see the world where you live again. I want to be with you again….”

“Alysha! I will save you…”

Alysha began to cry as she still wanted to be together with him again. The boy who curse a lot but still cares for her. The boy who spared his father and the boy who love her even if they are both different races. She couldn’t bare to see him suffer again. But…

(Goddess, please…)

“My goddess! Please! Don’t let her die! I will do anything you ask for! Please! Don’t take her away from me!”

It wasn’t the voice of Alysha but Haru’s. He begs the goddess to save the girl he loves. He knew that he hated her to the very core but she was the only one who could save her. He had to give up his pride and vengence just to let her live.



Haru clung to Alysha as he was terrified of leaving him. She knew the past on how he lived in this world. But…

“Can you sing me the song one last time…?

“Alysha! Why would you…”



Haru saw Alysha’s eyes as he finally know that it was too late. He could only grit his teeth as he nods his head in saddness…


“A brave hero who descents onto the land.
He gave such fame to the travels he had.
But bore such pain since he was alone.
He was a person born from a different home.”

The moonlight was beautiful on that night.

“He found companions he shared his journeys.
A love sprouted on a race differs from his.
He knew that love no bounds in this.
He falls for a girl for a happy end.”

A young girl slowly fades as lights began to rise up in the sky. But a smile on her face as she saw a boy singing the song he once composed.

“The adventures….
The laughters…
The pain we suffered together…”

It was a childish song but she was happy that she could hear it again. She already has lost half of her body but she continues to smile as she approached the boy’s face.

“And once their journey was over….”

She whispered to his ears as her parting words. He was shocked at first but continues singing.

“They would live as husband and wife…”

And as her head and her arms were begining to fade.


She seal their lips with a kiss.


The king, who could only grit his teeth as he glance at the cliff where a sound of a dragon’s roar could be heard…

HfH Chapter 34

Arc 3 Chapter 11: Haru vs the masked girl

Why am i still alive?

This was the thought of a 12 year old boy whom was transported in the other world without any family nor someone he know about this new world.

Having been killed multiple times, tortured and even suffered through his stay, he was finally glad that once he got home, he could be reunited with his family.

My son is dead! How can you pretend to be him?!

He was abandoned. Abandoned by his family and the only one left was the girl he fell in love.

Why should it be me?! Why?! Why, why, why?! WWWWHHHHYYYY?????!!!!!



“Get out or i’ll slaughter you…”

His immortality kicked in as all the missing parts and injuries began to heal up as he glared at the girl who wears a mask. The girl didn’t say anything but dash through him with the dagger on her hand.

Haru’s vision blurred so he could barely see anything but he knew the voice was the goddess so she must be using another girl as her puppet.

The dagger had hit on his right shoulder as he reach his hand towards her but she dodge the attack by gripping his shoulder and threw him behind her.

Breathing heavily as he glared at the girl, he recast the same spell he used on the guy.


Blood came from his mouth as his vision could barely seen from his eyes as he fell down on the ground with his blood gushing out from him. The masked girl threw a dagger to his sides as he grit his teeth in pain.

“My brave hero, i know you want to save your princess. But can you save her when your in this situation?”

Even without seeing her expression, she was currently grinning at him the whole fight as she continues to stab daggers at Haru’s body. She knew that he’ll come back to life since she was the one who gave him the power of immortality.

Haru could only glare at the girl above him as he closed his eyes.

“[Burn my heart. Burn my body. Burn everything from my eyes. Give me the magic to consume all as i offer my body to fire. Demon Flames from hell.]”
From his skin, green light made of flames starts to cover his body as his body as he glared at the masked girl. She knew that Haru was gonna blow his body apart as she used a stone that carved with writtings. She then disappeared as the assassins panicked and ran away from him but it was too late.


A huge explosion that causes the entire forest to burn down in ashes as the assassins fails to escape the explosion and got caught while the girl escapes into the cliff where there was a circle below her.

“Geez, he’s one crazy-*Stab* *Coughs*”

“Got’cha b*tch.”

In the next second, Haru appeared in front of her as she was impaled by his sword. Blood came out from her mas as Haru took of the mask.


HfH Chapter 33

Arc 3 Chapter 10: Assassins and the masked girl

Haru dash through the forest as his breath became even harder. He had been searching for her while not being able to recover all of his strength in his fight with the angel.

(That B*tch! I knew she had some plan! I should’ve check her if she has any abnormalities! F*ck!)

“F*cking B*tch!”

Haru cursed the goddess while he curse at himself for not noticing any abnormalities.



Without any warning, a dagger flew towards haru as he ignored the dagger and plunges through his flesh. He could barely muster any strength to fight due to his battle against the angel.

“[Grab thy heart as i crush those who stand in my way. Heart Crusher!]”


Haru’s hand made a gesture like he crush a heart, a man fell down to the ground as his face was spilling blood all over. It look like his body shook before stopping permenently.

There were other assassins beside the man but they trembled in fear as Haru was like a dying lion that’ll defend its territory till his death.

(F*cking brat! He’s still a f*cking monster even though he had a brutal injury in the fight against that being.)

They didn’t want to risk their lives fighting this monster but since it was the order from the king, they decided to sacrifice their lives even though it was a hopeless situation for them.

“For the kingdom!”

“””The kingdom!”””

They threw daggers, poison needles and even bombs at Haru. Taking all the attacks as he continue to stagger to trace Alysha’s location. His arms flying, his vital parts and even half of his brain went missing but he still walked while reaching out with his missing arm for the girl he love.

“F*ck! Why the hell are we doing this?!”


One of the assassins began to stopped attacking as he look at the boy whom still struggle with all the pain and the missing body parts.

Tears ran through Haru’s face as he began to blame for all of his mistakes. But he finally fell down as a young assassing wearing a mask came towards him with a voice that was familiar with him.

“Would you take revenge on me, my brave hero?”

A bad thing happened…

Arcy here,

Yesterday was about releasing some of my novels but something bad happened. I had to reformat my phone due to my sd card being corrupted. In simple terms, i lost all my works.

I can’t post any stories because of that and i have to rewrite all of the stories that i’ve made(which is worth 5 months) so i’ll not be posting some stories until i’ve remade all of them.

But, my winter break is close so i’ll have more time to focus writing my works(or more sleep time.Yay!) and maybe catch up on all the saved drafts i’ve made.

And also, i’ve begun writing a new work in my own native language since i’ve been focusing writing in english and wanted to repractice my own native language.


Arcadia Blade, signing out.

Chapter 4: Transfer Student

Day 1’s final report:

After saving my mother, i head home to plan my actions in this timeline i’ve been sent to. It would seem that my stay here will be longer than i intend to…

*Beep* *Beep*


“Tch. .5 seconds late.”

It seems that i still can’t wake up earlier than what i’ve set up. My awareness hasn’t improved very much and i’ve might have died if this were in a battlefield.

I have now at least 5.58 hours before i head to school so i should start my daily routine before i head out.

“AIRA, begin simulation.”

[Yes master.]


“*Yawn* I was scared when i saw some delinquents yesterday. I could have help both of them but i was too weak and decided that i should ask for help but it seems it was too late when the cops arrived.”

“Your kinda pathetic Brother. A fragile girl asking for help and you just ran away? I’m ashamed to be your sister you know.”


Its kinda true that i’m that pathetic. Even if i wasn’t strong, i should try to be a hero and save a damsel in distress. But i just looked away and abandoned her.

I was even looked coldly by that black haired girl who saw me last night.


“Ah, my bad.”

Since i wasn’t watching the road, i had hit someone because i wasn’t looking and the first thing in my sights was the person i met last night. The black haired girl…

“Um…about last night…”

“Its alright. The girl was saved and returned home safely. But you should try to be more manly next time.”


After hearing the girl was safe, i sighed in relief but then again, noticing me and running away, its kinda hurtful to be that blunt in saying those words but abandoning the girl was kinda my fault to begin with.


Forgetting my sister, she suddenly spoke behind me as we both looked at her.

“Ah, right. Could you kindly tell me the way to Alenxia High?”

Huh? Why is she going the-ah! Maybe she’s a transfer student.

“Oh, we’re students of that school. So, you should follow us there. Are you a transfer student by any chance?”

“Uh-huh. I’ll be staying here for a couple of weeks to get used to though since i’ll be transfering due to my parents work. But i hope that i can be great friends with you.”

“Same here.”

We both shake our hands as we both headed to school.

I’ve made contact with both my father(past) and his sister and now heading to school together. But it seems as if we are being tailed by someone.

According to my info, it seems to be one of my mom’s employee. She must be trying to make it look like it was fate that we’ve met but i’ll use this opportunity to reunited both of them and set up a plan to bring them closer to each other while focusing on the mission at hand.

I can’t be positive though since it may backfire on me. I should try to be careful on this.

“We’re here.”

Once we’ve arrive, we saw a black car parked in front of the gate. Its gonna get chaotic from here…

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Possessive Sisters chapter 23

Chapter 23:  My sister(Yuna) part 2

I’ve once came back to the amusement park but now with Yuna-nee. I decided that i should spend more time with my sisters since we haven’t been going out as a family. After our parents left on a trip, they have been as much clingy as they used to. And since shool had started, its usually been hard for us to even have a conversation with all the schoolwork that we’ve done so far. My sisters go to a prestigious school while i’ve been in a public school and their workload had been tiring for them.
“Lets go Naru!”

Immersing with my own thoughts, Yuuna-nee pulled by hand as she pointed on a ride where there was least people around.

Merry-go round?

Curious as to why she would pick that, she stood in line for the ride while waiting for our turn. When it was our turn, she hurriedly pulled towards the ride.

It was rather fun riding with Yuuna-nee while she gave off a smile as the ride spun round and round while moving up and down. The crowd were charmed by Yuuna’s innocence while she look like she was having fun riding it. I also have fun riding it with her as the ride was over and we had leave and walk towards the next ride.

After half a day was over, we decided to have lunch at in a store as currently smiling while looking at me. I was kinda embarrassed while being stared at by her as the people were looking at us with envy. But most of the hatred were from the males as their killing aura were so thick that it can almost kill a person with it.


As we continued with our date, we happen to see two people who were somehow related to me.

“Kinoshita-san, are you sure he’s here?”

“I’m sure of it. I even put on a GPS tracker on his watch the other day.”



I didn’t notice that. It seems that Kinoshita and Kagura are trying to tail us. 

“Lets go.”


When i was about to call out to them, Yuuna-nee pulled my hand again as we headed into a nearby building.




Blushing madly, when she was about to say anything…

“Why did you pull me into a Haunted Mansion when your afraid of ghost?”


It seems Yuna-nee is careless today…



“Are you awake Yuuna-nee?”

“Uhh…eh? Eh?”

“Don’t shake since were at the ferries wheel. Here.”

As she was clueless as whats going on, i decided to tell her after i gave her a bottle of water. We were now atop of the ferries wheel as the sun’s setting down. It seems she woke up after fainting in the haunted house. She was kinda sad when the day’s over but she had fun with our little trip to the park.

Yuuna-nee might be overly possessive but i think its what who she is that i would like to understand as her sibling. We might not be related by blood, but i’m glad that i have siblings that would love me as i am today and maybe this will last for a long time…


‘The days might not last, may tomorrow end. But my love will be with you. From now until forever…’

Arc 1 End

Chapter 3: Objectives

Day 1’s continuation report:

It seems that i made a mistake now my mother has fallen for me. Given that situation and her dream of having a hero that would rescue her, there’s a 100% chance of her falling for me.

I am now walking her back home as she continues to fidget while glancing at me. As i glanced back at her, she quickly look away but couldn’t hide her shyness as she continues to look at me whenever i look away.

I completely mess up the timeline…


“Is something the matter?”

“Its nothing…”

She continues to fidget while glancing at me as we walked towards her home…

Her house was huge as she once explained to me. My mom(future) told me that she is a daughter of a huge company and her father was the CEO. Because of vast amount of wealth, i was able to make technologies with my father and made many kinds of inventions which made our lives easier.

My father was the one who build AIRA(Advance intelligence Robotic Assistant) which enables me to access my gadgets and emergency situations such as battle mode and combat mode.


“Ah, sorry. What is it?”

Tch. I lost myself from my objective. I should be careful about my surroundings next time.

“Um…would you like-”

“I’m glad that your safe but i should head out now-”

“Can’t you…”

Haah… It seems she wants me to invite me to her home but i need to set up some plans for my problems i made.

“No. I have somethings to do. So, if you’ll excuse me…”


I shouldn’t increase her relation to me or i’ll never be able to fix the timeline. Leaving her now is the best option.

I hope that i can fix this…

(Liliana’s POV)

A prince, he was like a prince from the fairy tales i read. I’ve never been this much excited to see the person who made my heart skipped a beat. I want to know more about him. He was mysterious when he left but maybe i’ll see him again. Because…

(Alex POV)

“Haah…haah…End simulation.”


The blue world disappeared as i did a little streching and some pull-ups. I lay on the chair as i opened a laptop, showing some info about a certain building that i’m investigating right now.

‘Alenxia High.’

A normal school which my father and his sister are currently enrolled into. My mother is in a prestigious school which saves me the trouble for now. My main objective is to make contact with my father’s sister and administer the cure for her incurable disease.

‘Raina Brain Disorder.’

A newly disease which causes the brain to malfunction and cause of a death if not cured. The name was taken from the first victim ever to get it, Raina Sept, my father’s sister.

This was my task in coming back to the past. It was my father’s selfish wish that i was sent into the past and save his sister from dying from the disease.

He wanted himself to return here but he will cause a time paradox if he ever met with his past self. Which he sent me here instead of him.


It seems that i overwork myself yet again. I should prepare somethings and head to bed then…

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Chapter 2: Less worry about danger, more worry of the changes in time.

Alex Sept, here’s Day 1’s report:

After being sent back into the past, i stumble across the history of when my parents met. It seems that i tore a fracture in time because i entered the route instead of my dad…

I have only two choices for this situation:

1.) Ignore and walk away – 50%
2.) Save my mom- 50%

I would have picked option 2 if it weren’t for the fact that i’m in the past and may ruin the timeline. But if i abandoned my mom, there would be consequences leading me and my brother to never exist in the first place.

Guess i have to save her and find and alternate route for my parents…

“AIRA, enter battle execution.”


(From another point of view)

My name’s liliana and i just met a person whom made my heart skipped a beat.

“Guys, lets get this f**ker!”

When the three of them charge at this person, he suddenly vanish and reappeared as he gave a strong blow at the guy in front. He flew so far which both of his companions were shocked. But he didn’t stop there. He suddenly grab the closest guy’s face with his left hand as he tossed him into the air.

He then crouch down to the next guy and gave a strong jab which made the guy faint from the blow. When the guy who was tossed in the air almost landed to the ground, he then gave a strong kick at the guy’s back as he hit the ground painfully. Even though he was ruthless, it seems he only made the guy loss consciousness as well.

The leader seems pissed as he pulled out a knife from his pocket and charge straight at him. He was calm even though the man weilded a weapon. When the man thrust the knife at the young man.

What’s shocking is the fact that he dodge the thrusts with minimum effort while each hitting the man with his fingers as the man suddenly loses his stamina rather quickly.


“Stay down.”

After the man lost his energy to fight, he gave quick chop at his neck as the man loses his consciousness.

He then glance at me as he walked towards me with worried face. When he reached out his hand, i grabbed on to it as i pulled myself up…


But my feet became numb and was falling down but he caught me and pulled me towards him. My heart became crazy as i could see his face properly.

Beautiful black hair that reaches his neck, purple eyes that can bewitch any person that comes in contact, and his facial features which make him look more feminine but gave off a heroic vibe.


My heart was beating wildly that i couldn’t think properly about this situation. It seems he didn’t notice my pounding heart as he told me that he would guide me home.

I’m glad that i met with my prince charming…

(Alex P.O.V)

It seems as i made a big mistake in understanding this situation…

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