This is just a one-shot. If you like the plot, i would try to make it a series but after all, i’m lazy. So don’t get your hopes up.

P.S: I need a better title for this if i’m making it a series.

Once upon a ti-screw it.

I’m just a normal guy who died because i was once used as a suicide bombing in a certain country. But i’ve now been summoned at a medieval-like world where magic and fantasy-like monsters are common.

I’ve been summoned as a hero by a certain king and task to defeat a powerful being known as the demon king.

But knowing that i can’t cast magic or even have the strength to even swing a sword properly, i was now label as a failed hero and was excecuted on the spot.

When i was going to heaven or something, i was then brought back to life, without even a single scratch on me. But…


The excecutor began to bleed from his armor and died on the spot. The people were shocked about my revival and death of a person but i knew that it was somehow related to me.

I decided to test out that theory and got these results.

I can die but not truly die. It means i can feel the pain, burn sensation and even the cut from a wound on my flesh but i’ll come back to life once more, in perfect health. But when the person who attacks me, kills me, he will recieve what he inflicted on me.

Its like i’m a double edge sword. But this also has its downside.

He can harm me but nothing would happen to him. So, restraining me would be the best. But after knowing my body’s constitution, i’m even weaker than an insect! That a good thing for me as well.

Since they need to restrain me like how to hold a glass of water with two chopsticks.

Because i’m like a certain suicide bomber, the king decided, no, more appropriately plead to me and let myself be killed by the demon king and save the world.

After some dealings with the king, i decided to head out and let myself be killed by the demon lord.

This is my start as a suicide bomber in the other world…

Sorry that this was short since i’m not kinda used to writing long ones. But i hope that you’ll enjoy reading this story!