Collaboration of Psyku and Hunterxsamurai


In the year 2100, 50 years had passed since the discovery of intergalactic traveling. A young man, who had heterochromia eyes, traveling through space after he escape on planet 428, also known as Hell of no return. He was picked up by a young girl who was the captain of a misfit crew and their battleship, Devil’s judgement.

The two had a common relationship as they were used as subjects in the experiment ‘Advance Soldiers’. An experiment that used live humans in creating soldiers to fight off the aliens who once invaded earth 70 years ago.

One was a failed experiment who had one of her eyes taken and the other was an escaped subject. Now follow the adventures of Kyle and the crew as they face off the people reponsible for taking their lives and give them hell.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1
Chapter 2