I’m Miyuki Yuuna, a normal highschool student who got enrolled into a rich school due to scholarship.

My name’s feminine and my looks are girly but in truth, i am a guy.

But somehow, i’m more popular of guys due to my looks and i have a harem containing the most popular and rich guys in school. It would be a dream for every girl to be in a situation like this but in truth, it would be hell for me since i’m not gay.

“Ah, Miyuki-san.”

Oh, speak of the devil. Its Hyuga Kaito, the son of a CEO of a famous shipping company. An energetic youth who believes that i’m a girl disguising as a guy. But i’m really a guy to begin with.

“What is it?”

“Um, w-wanna…eat lunch with me?”

Why the hell are you blushing?! Dude! Girls would scream in their minds if they saw this guy’s look but it look disgusting to me. Stop it!

“Alright. I don’t have anyone to eat with anyway and i would be happy if i have someone to talk with.”

“Great! Let’s meet up at-ah, Maruyama-kun!”

Oh great, Glasses Senpai. Maruyama Rakuno, the son of a large buisness company. An intellectual guy who keeps messing with me. He may have a bit of a possessive side but i didn’t care about that due to his sadistic nature. Also, he already knows that i’m a guy.

“Hyuga-kun, and also…Miyuki-kun…?”

Whats with that weird phrasing? Whatever.

“Maruyama-kun, wanna eat with us?”

“Sure. I would be honored to be with you. Is it alright Miyuki-kun?”


“Excellent. I’ll also call Kamijo-kun as well. He would be sad if he’s not with Miyuki-san.”

…Of course…

“Hey~ you forgot to invite me as well.”

“Hey! What are you doing Urusaki?!”

“Your so cute Miyuki~”

“Let go!”

Oh great, the playboy is here. Urusaki Nakumo is a year older than us whose friends with Maruyama and Kamijo. Don’t judge by his fragile appearance, he is a son of a military instructor that has trained the military and even has a large security company that have military might of a small country.

Being spartan-trained by his dad, he is good at fighting but because he wasted on flirting with girls rather than training his body, his skills became dull. But even so he is still good at fighting.

“Kyaa! Urusaki-kun!”

“Maruyama-kun is next to him! He looks so cool!”

“There’s also Hyuga-kun! His smile is mesmerizing!”

Great, the fangirls are here. It looks like i’m in the center of attention again.

“Oh, Miyuki-kun is there. No wonder the 3 of the 5 princes are there.”

“Uuu. I’m so jealous…”

Take my place dammit! I don’t want this kind of harem!

“Miyuki-san? Why are you crying?”

“Its nothing…”

Hyuga is being considerate but he doesn’t know what i’m feeling right now. Urusaki is just smiling at me while Maruyama is…i don’t want to ask…

“When three of them are gathered…kyaaa! He’s here!”

All of the girls screamed when a certain guy was approaching us while being accompanied by a girl.

A mysterious beauty that causes some girls to faint, his expressionless face that show coldness to his surroundings, walking in an manner that prefected its true art. It was the guy that Maruyama talked about, kamijo Takumi. The headmaster’s son and also the succesor of an large cooperation that is famous all around the world.


I seperated from the three and walked towards them as Kamijo raise both of his hands and making a gesture of a hug.

‘Yuuna, give me a hug.’

A 180° change around him as he went from a cold and mysterious prince to a silent yet joyful dog that wanted a hug from his master. From the student’s perspective, it looks like they already knew that it would turn out like this.

As i was close from Kamijo, instead of accepting his hug, i ducked at him while walking towards the girl. Time froze in place as i ignored the people and greeted the girl.


“Yuu-kun, You shouldn’t ignore Kamijo-senpai.”

While ignoring the abandoned puppy, i continued looking at Ayase without minding the people around us.

“It’ll be fine. I just wanted to greet you first Aya-chan.”

“Just because we’re childhood friends, doesn’t mean you have to be obligated to greet me first.”


I got chopped by Ayase as she continue to watch Kamijo with deep longing.

Yeah…just childhood friends…

Amajiro Ayase(Aya-chan) and i are childhood friends since we were kids. Since our house were close to one-another, we played together and grew up with each other. Just a clichè type of friendship.

Also, she was the reason why i entered this school. She enrolled here because she fell in love with Kamijo while i followed her because i wanted to be with her.

Well, if you tell me that i follow her because i love her, its true. I confess to her when we graduated in Middle school but i got rejected after she told me that she liked a certain person in this school.

After knowing that Kamijo was the one she like, i wanted her to forget about him but she still strives to be with him. Instead, i tried to make Kamijo hate her. But due to some circumstances, he was attracted to me.

“Hey Yuu-kun, your making me jealous…”

“Eh? Ah! What are you doing Kamijo-senpai?!”


Whats with that ‘Yuuna smells so good’ look?! Your making Aya-chan uncomfortable! Also, when did you sneak up behind me?!

But due to not minding my surroundings, he must have sneak up behind me and hugged me from behind. I tried to seperate from him but he refuses to let go.

“I hate you Yuu-kun!”

“Aya-chan! Wait!!”

Because she didn’t like about us being together, she ran away with tears while i struggle to run at her while carrying a dog with a pleased look while he was in his dreamland.


This is just a usual day for me. A guy who is mistaken as a girl…