Part 1

Magic, using elements that are sometimes created out of nothing. Sometimes used to manipulate the elements around us. Bending water, creating fire out of nowhere, making walls from the ground. Magic is used in livelihood or in wars.

Magic can even regrowth lost limbs or even sometimes bring the dead back to life. But to use magic, once must have the appropriate mana to allocate enough to use the required magic.


10 years ago, a being contained enormous amount of magic had led an army in bringing chaos to the world. They called this being ‘the demon king’ and the army it led ‘demons’. All of the living beings had united to fight the demons but they could not succeed.

Then, a human kingdom had use a forbidden magic. A magic that once forbid them of using but without any choice, they begun to construct the magical formation.

White light started to appear in the magical formation and 5 people appeared. The forbidden magic that they used was a other world transport or also known as ‘summoning’ magic.

The five people they summon had far surperior physical and magical capabilities and were on par with the demon king. But they lack the fighting capabilities and were used to bloodshed. So they were sent into a dungeon to train themselves and would be ready in the battle against the demon.

After half a month of training, they were ready to face off against the demon.

The fight of the demon king and the title of the five that was bestowed upon them, ‘Heroes’, a long battle began. Many casualties begun to pile up, many corpses were found but the battle continue on as the battle for the world had reach its climax. The heroes gave their all and slain the demon king, never to awake again.

The celebration of victory against the demons were held. Foods, drinks and entertainment begun to rise as they cheer at the heroes for their triumph.

It was the greatest history known to man as they finally ended the ten year chaos. But…

In truth, there was a rumour that the heroes had a ‘sixth comapnion’ and had died in the dungeon. This once circulated to town but the rumor was just a rumour. Or is it…

Part 2

“We welcome you to the 58th Fighting Tournament!”

In a large stadium, a man passed thirties had begun speaking in a loud voice as many spectatior cheered. A thousand, no, hundred thousands of people had gathered. Some had pointy ears, some were short but with hairy beard and some had animal-like tails and skin, even moreso are full animal transformation but stood like humans.

The man at the stadium smiled as he address the people.

“This tournament is sponsored by one of the human continents kingdom, Grimshore. Please give a round of applause to the king of the Grimshore kingdom, King Eurich Ciel Grimshore!”

Loud cheers emerge as a man, passed the age of 50, stood up. His hair was white as his age, giving off a dignified aura as he smiled at the audience.

“It is my great pleasure that i welcome you all. I want to gives this competition, a great honor that unites our countries as we celebrate the day that ended our long strife of war against the demons.”

His voice gave strength as it made the surroundings thicken with power. That strength was made his country but it also holds a gentle feeling for his people. He continue his words as he clap his hands together.

“And i would like to welcome the people who free us from bloodshed for10 years, the heroes of Grimshore kingdom!”

As he glance and pointed his hands at the back, five people stood up as they waved at the audience. They could feel the strength of each person as the king continue to speak.

“As this tournament had said, the winner of this competition will have the chance to face off the heroes and gave the chance to earn huge amounts of reward to anyone who defeats them. That’s all.”

After he said that, he sat down as he waved at the audience. Voices of cheering and joy rise up as the announcer spoke.

“Now, let the battle commence!”

Part 3

The first to battle were two mascular men as each weild a different weapon. One had wield a huge waraxe as he drop down the head, causing a crater at the ground. The other one weilded a huge sword as he swung it around. The speed of his sword made the spectators gasped as it had nothing wieghting it down.

The face off as the referee raise his hands.


As he swung his hand down, two clashes emerge as two begin to fight. The spectators roared at the arena as the two were almost at equal footing.

The fight was feirce as many cracks at the stage were made. There were injuries on both sides as they continue to fight. But…

“Oh it seems Marl is losing his footing as Gredin continue to push him down with his waraxe.”

The announcer’s loud voice had reached the people as Marl (weilding the sword) almost reach his limit as he prepares his final strike but Gredin block that incoming attack as he use his free arm to jab a fist to his abdomen, knocking him out.

“Winner, Gredin the Whirlwind.”

“Hahaha, that was a nice match, Marl.”

“Yeah, that was a great battle ,Gred.”

The both shook hands as the audience applaud them for the fight. They waved their hands as Marl was carried by the medical staff to the medical tent that was nearby. The people at the VIP seat judge the battle that happened.

“Marl was really great with using the sword. That weight felt light but the real wieght of the sword made me gasped for breath.”

“But he had the disadvantage of reach from Gredin as his weapon was shorter than his axe. Gredin used that advantage and gave distance to each other while giving blows.”

The nobles and the royalty talked joyfully as they continue to watch over the tournament.


The competition became entertaining as the battles were feirce. The fight of magic, skills, techniques, and even racial ability like flying and sizes. The crowd roared at each battles they witness was entertaining.

“Our last fight of the day, please welcome the young man who once reach the semi-finals, Erwin!”

As he pointed at a nearby entrance, a young man came out as he smiled while waving his hands. Brown hair together with his emeraled eyes. He was above average but could could not be compared to a good looking person, but many girls scream at his adorable face. He wore a leather armor as two swords clanking at both of his waist.Some of the men began to envy him but seeing his accomplishments, they never try to jeer at him. The announcer look back at the crowds as he continue to speak.

“And his opponent, no information about him as he cover his head with a hood. This will be his first time appearing in the tournament. Please welcome, Zed!”

A man came out of the otherside of the entrance as he held a young girl beside him. He wore a cloak as it only cover half part of his upper body. His clothes were leather armor dyed with black as the huge sword on his back made the spectators confused at he also carry two gauntlents with him. He let go of the girl’s hand as he look back at her.

“Stay here.”

His voice was young as it made the crowd curious. The girl smiled at him as ears and a tail popped out. She was a beastman race as her smile made the spectators were charmed at her cuteness.


Her cute voice made the people roared with joy. They wanted the man to win so they could once again see her smile. As Zed walked onto the stage, Erwin held out a hand.

“Good luck!”


They both shook hands as the begun to distance away from each other. Erwin pulled out two swords on his waist as Zed put on a gauntlet and also pulled his Broadsword from his back. The announcer glance at both sides as the referee raise his hands.


Part 4

Both of them clash at the same time. Erwin used the advantage of the lightness of his swords to swing around at each angle of Zed’s body. Zed block the attacks using his broadsword as he was pushed back.

Because of the weight of the sword, he couldn’t properly swing his sword and can only defend Erwin’s feirce wave of attacks.

“Oohh! Zed is being push back by Erwin as he still handling Erwin’s attacks poorly. Erwin didn’t gave Zed a chance to fight bsck as he corner Zed around with his twin blades.”

Erwin smiled as he didn’t gave a chance to Zed as he continue his assaults. Zed, on the other hand, was calm as he block Erwin’s attacks. He inspect Erwin’s attack patterns as he looks for a gap in Erwin’s movements.

As he look at Zed’s situation, he decided to finish this fight as he decided to charge at him. Zed found an opening as he dropped his sword, making Erwin confuse as it was too late. Zed gave a jab through his abdomen as Erwin bended into a v-shape. Erwin coughed as he was hit with a strong blow. Zed pause for a minute as he held out a hand. The crowd was confused as Zed spoke to Erwin.

“Can you continue?”


When hearing Erwin’s anwer, Zed retreated his hand as he picked his sword and unshethe it. All of them were confused as Zed pulled another gauntlet and put it on his other hand. All of the gasp for breath as Zed prepares a fighter’s stance.

“Then lets go!”

He taunt Erwin as he smiled at him.


Only a few minutes had passed but the people couldn’t believe their eyes at what they witness. Both of them were fighting like it was a deathmatch as blood begun to shed. Erwin had heavy injuries on his body while Zed had his robe shredded. But looking closer, he didn’t have any injuries at all and he didn’t even start to sweat as if he was taking easy on him.

But the people look at them like they were fighting evenly. The fight was intense but…


Erwin had hit his limit as he began to stagger. Zed became silent as he relaxes his guard. As he move towards Erwin, he just just stood there while not aware of Zed’s presence at all. Zed call out to the referee to take a closer look at Erwin. As Zed grab on to Erwin, he suddenly collapse as his eyes were still open.

“He still alive…”

As Zed said that, the medical staff came to check on Erwin’s condition as they were relieved to see that Zed’s words are true. Zed walk down to the stage as the referee whisper to the announcer. The announcer became surprise as he face the crowd with a smile.

“Winner, Zed!”

The crowd was silent but after that, they begun to shout and cheer at both of them.

“””ZED! ZED! ZED!”””


The fight made them roar with exitement as they were given an amazing performance. When they look at Zed with awe…

Zed’s hood came out as they could now visibly see his face. Beautiful white hair that almost resembles silver as it shone at the sun. His blue eyes that reflects moonlight. His facial features were good looking, no lacking nor excess of fat appear on his face which made him furn out to be a beautiful young boy but a scar on his nose and left eye made him look cool as his hair waved at the wind. The girls started to squeel at the sight of Zed while envious gazes of men gave murderous intents as he was suddenly hugged by the little girl they felt warm about.




Part 5

It was afternoon as the crowd was still uproar at the entertaining battle at the tournament. The people were still roaring with exitement as they could still feel from the battle that they witness this morning. 100 participants had entered the preliminaries, but only 50 had made it pass and were now moving on.

The crowds became silents as they saw two people passing by. One was the one who cause an uproar at the last battle, Zed while piggybacking a young girl as she ate a grilled meat cutely. Zed smiled at them as it made some of the girls squeel at the sight of him.

As they reached the inn, he spoke to the owner of the building with a smile.

“I would like to have a room please.”

“…10 coppers per night.”

Zed paid the Innkeeper 30 coppers as he was given a key to his room. When they reach the room, the room was fairly nice as Zed closed the door frok the inside. The gentle side of Zed when he was at the tournament disappeared as he sat the chair while the little girl begun to feel drowsy. He gently place the girl to the bed as his disorted.

“Argh! They actually beact that fucking demon? Damn. But at least i can personally kill them.”

Zed streches his arms as the girl began to drift to sleep as her adorable face soothe his anger. He patted her head as she smiled while sleeping. He gritted his teeth as he calmly thinking.

“I can’t start killing shit until i gather enough information. I been stuck in that shitty place a long time. How long was i stuck there and how powerful are they now? I need to gather more information and earn their trust so i can approach them naturally.”

Zed talks to himself as he started to plan his approached the heroes. He pulled from his pocket something that made him smile. A broken glasses was on his hand as he started to giggle.

“Hehehe, can they still remember me? And how will their reaction be if they found out i was still alive.”

Zed started to laugh as held his forehead. An evil grin appear on his face as he look at the window, facing towards the castle.

Katsuragi Ryoma, or known by the town as Zed. Gave off an killing intent as he sat there. He was now preparing for his revenge to those who once abandon him.