Part 1

I woke up early as i look at the clock. 4:29 AM and as i stood from my bed. My clock started to ring as i press the snooze button. I streched my arms as i look at the windows that the world was still dark. I started to dress myself as i walk outside my room.

Exercising, i do this every day for the past 10 years as i jog around my neighborhood. Silence drifted around the neighborhood as i jogged. As i look at my watch, it was 5:00 AM as few of the people i passed through were also early wakers like me.

I been doing this for the past 10 years as i developed as firm and well-built muscles. I returned to my house as my family are still asleep as i prepare breakfast.


“Wah! The food that Onii-chan makes is still delicious as always.”

“Oh my, i’m sorry that you had to do this everytime Kazuto.”

“Its fine Mom, i like to help around the house.”

Being greeted by a lovely and beautiful, young mother was such a good day as my father entered while yawning as he scraches his head. My father is still sleepy after working late as i gave a cup of coffee to him. He smiled to me as he took as sip from the cup.

“I think you should relax more often, even through you have such good grades and still work hard, you should start having fun.”

“It okay, i’ve been relaxing as well dad. But i still want to go to a good university by getting good grades.”

“Well, if you say so.”

He sighed as he took another sip of coffee while my sister was eating the food with a grin. I wipe her face as she kept eating with a blissful look on her face while never looking at her appearance as she devoured the food wildly.

“Twanks Owii-cwan.”

“Don’t speak when your mouth is full.”

I scolded her as she gulps down the food as she smiles at me. We began to talk together as all of us had a smile on their face.

Part 2

My name is Kazuto Akitsuki. I just recently became a highschool student as i exited my house. We wave at our parents as me and my sister are going to school. My sister likes to piggyback with me even through she was now a middleschool student.

When we reach her school, i dropped her off as she wave at me. I returned as i headed to my school.

As i headed to school, many gazes went to me before and even after i seperated from my sisters as many girls starts to squeel as i was near them. I don’t want to brag but i’m a popular guys because i got good-looks, great at academics and atletics, had many talents and even a gentle person. Boys would evny my life as i always recieve many love confessions everyday as i opened my lockers.

I like to be arrogant with myself because of how popular i am but i hid a secret. My classmates, friends and even my family didn’t know about this secret exept for me since it is my weird fetish.

When the bell rings as the lunch time started, i stood from my seat as i headed to the rooftop. Once i reached the rooftop, i spectate the area as i look for people around. Once no one was there, i climed to the roof of the entrance as i pulled a mp3 player from my pocket. The mp3 was an old device that i was owned for 7 years as i put the headphones on. I slowly lay on my back as a girl’s voice started to speak.


*ba-dump* *ba-dump*

[Your mine and i won’t let anyone have you. You only belong to me. Hehe~♥]


The voice was a young girl as i could imagine that i was being held by her as she breathe weirdly while staring at me with seductive look. My heart began to race as my breathing also became weird. This is the wierd fetish that i was talking about.

Yandere Fetish.

It is kind of rare since many people wouldn’t talk much about it since many are scared of psychotic people. Yanderes, or in english term ‘Sick Love’, is representing people who are mentally possesive or sometimes kill for the sake of love. This only occurs when a person are deeply affectionate or loving a another person strongly that sometimes became mentally unstable that would resort to elimination obstruct his/her partner.

Many people would find this scary and even distance from such person. But i was very much attracted to yanderes, whether it is a boy or girl. Don’t get me wrong with any homosexuals, it is because of my fetish.

I once had this fetish since i was at elementary school. I found a dvd player that was once lost and brought it back with me as i returned home. Once i watch a video, it was an anime called ‘future diary’. At first, i didn’t like the anime but as i continue to watch. But whenever i watch the heroine go yandere on the mc, my heart would race as my breathing gets rough as i continue to watch.

This made me develop an affection and discover my fetish for yanderes. Because of that, i wanted to attract yaderes. I perfected myself into a yandere magnet. Becoming good looking, had to study and even excercising just to attact girls. Half of my dream came true. I got to attract girls but couldn’t attract any yanderes.

10 years had passed since then…

Part 3

“I love you.”


I got called by a girl as we were at the back of the gym. The girl was a beautiful girl who was next to my class, Chiharu Kanada. She the idol of the boys and the most girl to become girlfriend in the entire school. Friendly, nice and even gentle to any boys but now she confess to her feelings to me as i replied to her.

“I’m sorry, i can’t go out with you.”

My gentle bow made her shed tears as she tried to run away but i fimly held her hand as ahe glance at me. I wiped her tears as i gave a sad smile to her.

“I’m sorry that i hurt your feelings because i am not worthy of your love. Please find someone better than me.”

I let go of her as bow to her. Seeing me do this, she waved her hands as she looked at me with worry.

“No! Its because i…”

“I’m sorry.”

Apologising once more, she began to look down as she walks away. As she disappeared, i clicked my tongue as another girl got rejected by me. I was very happy about her feelings for me but…

“Not a yandere…”

Because of my fetish, i couldn’t develop any relationship with girls as i went back to my classroom to picked up my things. I keep rejecting beautiful girls and my heart could only love yanderes as i reached my classroom. I sighed as i reach for the doorhandle.


I stopped as i could hear noises inside the room. My sesnses had indicated that a yandere was nearby.


Since i discover my fetish, my insticts developed a radar for yanderes and could determine which type she was.

Staker: A yandere that stalks their target as they would follow them everywhere. They would sometimes steal the target’s belongings and would enshrine it or use them as substitute for their target. *Those are the people who aren’t close to the target.

Masked: A yandere who can hide their feelings very well that their targets wouldn’t detect that they are yanderes. *Yanderes that are crafty or smart.

Psycho: A yandere who couldn’t contain their feelings very well and she could snap anytime. They can kill without guilt and even kill their target if she isn’t ignored by the target. *Yanderes that have low mentality.

Possessive: Derived from the Psycho type but had low chance of killing the target. A yandere that only isolates the target from everyone and only wants the target to love only her. *Most prefered type by the fans.

Those were the types that i know but there were suppose to be more than that but it was all i could know right now. But as i listen to the voice inside the class, my heart would start to race as i peek inside.

A shadow of a young girl could be seen as she sat in one of the desk of the students as her breathing was rough. As i could see the person herself, she was student next to my class as she held onto a pen.

Hanase Aritsuo, on the outside, was a pure and gentle type of girl that makes the boys tend to protect her. Even though she wasn’t the popular type, but boys would think that she was cute girl. Now, she was there panting while holding onto a pen like it was someone she loved.


Calling his name, i think that it was one of my friends that i was familiar with, Haruto Makidatsu, the ace of the soccer team. In terms of looks, he was not bad. Blond hair, blue eyes and because he was sprotsmanlike, his body became robust and cool.

It was not rare that he was popular but i never thought that there was a yandere so close to me. Even i, who had a yandere fetish, couldn’t detect her. Maybe that she became yandere recently. I continue to listen to her as i could hear her breathing roughly as she continue to hold the pen.

“Uuuuu…i want to hold you Haruto-kun…”

Estasy was the look on her face as she rub the pen. My heart was beating so fast that the world became so slow as i continue to watch over her.




A sound of a camera shuttering as her gaze move towards me. I was confused as i look down to see that i was holding onto my phone without realising it. Her face became cold as there were only silence around us…

Part 4



My voice became awkwards as her cold gaze penetrated my heart as she hid the pen in her pocket. My throat became dry as no words woul come out from my mouth. She moves closer to me as the distance was already short to begin with. She grab my collar as she gave a cold gaze at me.

“You saw…”


I quickly bow my head as i try to leave the room but she held my hand tightly as her nail had pierce through my skin. Blood started to drip as her eyes were blank.

“No one must find out…”

Her eyes became deadly as her nail pierce even harder. I can force her to let go but…

My fetish started to kick in as my breathing became rough. Seeing my actions, she quickly let go as she became afraid of me.

“Are you an M?”

“No! I’m a-ah!”

I quickly cover my mouth as i almost reveal my fetish to her. She became curious as it was something important. Because of that, she began to pull my arms away from my mouth as she was desperate to know.

“What is it? Tell me!”

Tears started to pour as she kept pulling my arm. She wanted to find my secret so i wouldn’t revel her’s. I became worried as she finally pull my arms away from my mouth as she push me on the ground. She suddenly pull a box cutter from her pocket as she pointed the blade onto my neck.

“I can just kill you easily but since your someone close to Haruto-kun, i didn’t want him to be sad. My only choice is for you to help-”


“Me in-eh? What?”

“I said deal. I wanted to help you from the start.”

And looking at you while going ‘Haruto-kun is mine~♥’ and ‘ that bitch ain’t stealing my Haruto-kun’. Even selling out someone only benefits me as i could see a real life yandere.

This was the begining of a yandere and the person who had a yandere fetish who form a team…

Part 5

I was now at the bathroom as i recall the events that happened today.

Me meeting a real life yandere was even better than watching repeats of animes. I wonder how far my fetish will reach as it would hurt a lot of people or causing murder eventually. But recalling the girl i met at the classroom, her gaze of longing, her killing intent as she tried to kill me, it made my heart racing as i was watching a real life yandere.

I wonder how far will it go…