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November 2017

Possessive Sisters Chapter 26

Arcy here,

Hi guys, its been a long time since i had updated any of my novels here. But because i’m mostly tired and this is just a hobby of mine that i write, i don’t update much now.

So, i’ll update depends on how time i have to write and i hope that you won’t get angry of the long releases. Its really just a hobby of mine to write.

Anyways, i had just updated the prologue of the arc 2 and the chapter one and i’ll meet you guys in the next update!

Arcadia Blade, signing out!


Chapter 2: Kotori and Misunderstandings

After my date with Tamaki, my sisters became more clingy than usual. Yuna-nee that even wants to bathe with me, Haruka-nee uses me as her pillow when reading and even Marika-nee tends to ask for help when doing chores around the house. Even moreso that they began sleeping together at my room…

Its kinda understandable how the boys in my class are envious of my relationship with my sisters but i don’t my heart to waver on my love for Tamaki…



“Your sisters?”


Kagura who sits next to me ask me about my fatigue as i told her the events after they left…

“Wow…i guess you know their feelings by now…”

“Yeah, they are really overprotective about me. Well, they are my sisters afterall…”

Kagura had this awkward laugh while Kira-kun and Gouda-kun had their hand plastered on their face…

“Oh, god…”

“Even though this guy’s dating, he’s still dense as a diamond…”

i still didn’t understand what my two friends had said but it kinda feel that it was my fault.


“Oh yeah. Naru.”


At the arcade, i’m currently playing a fighting game with Kagura. There were also the sounds of the gaming machines here and there while the voices of people can be heard but it was covered by some button mashing and the musics.

“Tama-chan gave me tickets to her cultural festival this next week.”

“Oh yeah, Marika-nee also gave me tickets as well so we should give them to Kira and Gouda then.”

“Yeah, also, you should thank them for setting you up on that mixer as well.”

“Uh-huh. If it weren’t for them, i wouldn’t be dating with Tamaki right?”


[You Win] [You Lose]

While we were talking, the game ended as i lost and he won.

“Ugh…i almost had it…”

“Hehe, your a million years away from defeating your master…”

“Damn…I’ll defeat you some day master!”



“Naru, are you free this sunday?”

“Hmn? Oh, Haruka-nee.”

I am currently doing my homework when Haruka-nee had peeked through my door. I slowly dropped my pen on the table as i looked at her with a warm smile.

“Yeah. I’m done with everything i have to do so i’ll would just usually call Kagura to play with me on Sunday…What’s up?”

“Um…Would you…”


I’m at a store where i usually hang out with Kagura but this time, its Haruka-nee.

“Naru, this is my friend that i’m talking about.”

“Hi! I’m Nanase Aiko! Nice to meet you Lil bro!”

“Oh, hi. Likewise.”

Today, it seems that Haruka-nee’s friend want to meet me so i guess i should be more respectful to her.

I gave a respectful bow as she gave a warm smile towards me.

“Wao, Takashi-kun seems a bit more…formal.”

“Um…your my sister’s friend…”

“Oh, its fine. I’ll be troubled if you were someone i can’t trust this favor with…”

As she said that, a girl popped out behind her while looking restless against me.

[Akitsu Kotori]

In terms of beauty, she’s a bit above Tamaki but below to Kinoshita-san and my sisters. Light brown hair with a twintail style which gives out a childish and rebellious attitude but because of that, she gives out the instinct to protect her.

“Aiko! This guy’s suspicious beyond belief. He’s just a person who acts nice on the outside but a playboy who toys a girls heart.”


“Don’t worry Kotori, he isn’t like tha…are you okay Naru?”

“Ahh…its fine. I didn’t know girls saw me that way…”

No wonder girls tend to avoid me…


“Eh? He has a girlfriend?!”

We got inside a restaurant as Kotori is talking to Aiko and Haruka-nee. She gave a glare as she might be misunderstanding something.

“I bet that he’ll just dump her for another girl.”

“Thats not true! I really love her!”

I slammed my hands to the table as i had disturbed the other customers. She gave a surprise expression as i moved closer to her. I didn’t realised that there was a deadly aura growing as Aiko began sweating.

“I am surrounded by beautiful girls yet my heart has set my eyes on her. I am not gonna waver my heart.”


“I really love her so please understand that.”



I did that as i finally realised that i was close to her….




We were kicked out of the restaurant because of the commotion we did. Kotori distance from me as she hid behind Aiko. Haruka-nee remain silent as i couldn’t see her eyes on her glasses.

“Geez, we are currently trying to cure her androphobia and you just made it worse…”

“I’m sorry.”


She glared even harder that the people saw me like i did something horrible to her. I lay my head low as Kotori had trip and began to fall. I manage to catch her as we both stared at each other.


“Oh my…”


A weak voice was heard as i turned to see Tamaki with Kagura as she had a dispaired look on her face. Immediately realising what’s wrong, i shout towards her.

“Tamaki! Wait!”

She immediately sprint as i began to chase her as i reached for her hand.


I finally realised as i was in the road and a truck was right in front of me…


Possessive Sisters Chapter 25

Arc 2: Haruna, the second sister

Chapter 1: Resolve

Currently waiting for someone to arrive, I have checked the time as its 8:30 AM. I’ve also checked my clothing if i have anything unusual on me. Its kinda been two months since i had my date with Tamaki and i’m so nervous right now because of how i’ve been neglecting her for a long time.


Her call made me shudder as i look towards my left and saw a green haired girl in her jersy outfit, walking at to me. It was Akibayashi Tamaki.


“Just can me Tamaki, kay?”


Just looking at her, i can tell that she wasn’t mad at me. Just a bit of a sad expression which i kinda tell that she’s worried about me.

“Hey, is your injury alright? Marika-san told me that you got a major stab wound.”

“Don’t worry. Look.”

As i said that, i pulled my shirt upwards as i had her look on my abdomen for any scars on me.

“Wow…your so well-built…”

“Umm….About my wound…”

“Ah! I’m sorry! It seems that there’s a bit on a scar left but it seems to be gone.”


I pull back my shirt as we both have red on our faces.


“H-how about we head on to the movie then?”

“Yeah, There’s a new Super roboman movie right?”

“Yeah! lets go.”

We both hold each other’s hand as we headed to watch when i look back to see Kinoshita Kirina and Tobinashi Kagura behind us. Tamaki also notice us as she ask me.

“Say, I knew that guy’s Kagura but who is the girl with us?”

“That’s our classmate and my childhood friend Kinoshita-san.”

I explained to her about the two of us and Kagura’s feelings as Tamaki smiled at her childhood friend.

“I’m kinda rooting for him. Also, i can’t believe that this guy is stealing girl’s hearts like a gigolo. Well…you also stole mine as well you know…”


She let go of my arm and had held my shoulders instead as we became even more intimidate with one another. There are some people who begun cursing at me but i ignored that since there’s two people heading towards us.


“Hey Naru!”

“Kinoshita-san! Kagura!”

I happily greet them as Kagura smiled while Kinoshita had a pouting look.



Kinoshita-san gave a light punch on my stomach as it didn’t hurt that much.



I kinda forgot that i used to call her that. Maybe because i had mistaken her as a boy in the past, i felt really awkward calling her old name now but she really miss that time we had…



I decided that we can still go back to that time even though some thing have changed.




I didn’t noticed that Kinoshita-san has been looking at Tamaki and Kagura had this grim look. It was really awkward but i really want to be alone with Tamaki…

“Ah! The movie’s about to start. We should hurry.”

“Lets go!”

I quickly grab hold of Tamaki’s hand as we dash to the theater as we left Kagura and Kirina.


“It was so amazing how Dr. Vasilno made Roboman hated by the people yet he still defeat him and regain the trust back.”

“Yeah, it was so cool how all the odds against him yet he was still determined to win.”

We really have fun talking about Roboman as we were eating lunch at a fastfood place. When we got out, it seem that Kirina and Kagura had left. Tamaki slowly talking out the wrapping on the burger as i slowly drank my juice while looking at the window.


I could see three glares from the outside as i slowly gulp and place down my glass gently while looking back to Tamaki.


“Did you not tell your sisters about us?”


I slowly look down as i avoid looking at her while shivering.



Three stares which percieved through my whole body as my sisters caught me with Tamaki as the first to talk was Yuna-nee…

“There’s no way that your going out with her right Naru?”

I quickly avoid her look of desperation as i looked at Haruka-nee…

“Naru…How could you…”

I also averted my eyes as i looked at Marika-nee…

“Naru, you shouldn’t lie to your sisters right?”

I heard some glass cracks near Marika-nee but i wish it was just my imagination. I never thought that they were so against me dating but i need to make a resolve or they’ll never let me date her.

“Um…I like her Yuna-nee, Haruka-nee, Marika-nee. I won’t neglect my grades and i…”


I could feel that bloodlust comming from the three of them as me and Tamaki were held our breaths. Then, Marika-nee continued.

“Promise me. If your love for her wavers, break up with her at once.”

“Marika-nee! Why are you telling him that?!”

Yuna-nee slammed her hands on the table as she glares at Marika-nee. Haruka-nee seems to understand Marika-nee’s intention as she whispers to Yuna-nee. It seems that she understands as she slowly sat back down. Marika-nee sips her coffee as she stares at me with seriousness.

“Do you understand?”

Waiting for a resolve, i didn’t hesitate as i look at Tamaki and gave a smile as i look back to Marika-nee with conviction.


“Then, its settled.”

Marika-nee stood up on the table as she calls Yuna-nee and Haruka-nee to leave the table. Yuna-nee had a bitter look on her face as she slowly left the table with Haruka-nee. Haruka-nee whispered something on my ear.

“I wanna break that conviction of yours…”

Then, she licked my ear as i felt a slimy sensation as she follows Marika-nee who was paying for the bills and head out together.

When all of them left, i felt a the sense of relief from the bottom of my heart as feel so tired from my encounter with my sisters today. Tamaki also felt the same as she look at me with a flustered expression.

“Naru, you kinda feel like Roboman for a second there.”

“Really? I was really nervous and my sisters…and….”

I began to get even nervous as i said all that out, and even right in front of her as my mind’s been haywired to explode. I couldn’t think straight as i felt a soft sensation on my lips as Tamaki had kiss me.

“Naru, i feel like the more i’m close to you, the more my love for you grows that i can’t help but feel deeper in love with you.”

“I’m sorry.”


I apologized as Tamami had this confused look on her face.

“Because this boyfriend of yours is a big gigolo…”



Our date was kinda ruined but it seems that our love grows deeper than before this day…

Possessive Sisters Ch 24(Prologue)

It wasn’t what i thought when i have a family for the first time. The parents who beat their adopted son, they made them work to their bones and so on…

A nice couple had adopted me and was introduced by their 3 daughters. One who was in their highschool and the two who are in their middle school.

I didn’t expect that i could warm up to both sisters except their youngest daughter named Yuna. She keeps her guard around me but after the incident where she was hit on by guys, she began to cling to me from now on. Though, she continues to be overly-attached towards me…yet, i felt kinda happy that she had accepted me.

My life with this family is a blessing towards an orphaned child like me. I wished that the moments i shared with them would linger and more blessful in the future moments…

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