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March 2017

Finally, AG Chapters

Arcy here.

Hey guys. Sorry that i haven’t been uploading much. Been busy with RL here(just sleeping.)

But if you guess the title, i finally finish some chapters for AG. I also have a question for you guys.

I’ve been hoping about which priority should i concentrate on working on, like which novel should i make more on. Just comment down below and i’ll put on which novel should i work much on.

Thats all hope you have a good day.

Arcadia Blade, Signing out!

Here are the chapters:

Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7


HfH chapter 34

Arc 3 Chapter 14: The calm before the storm

Outside, there’s a courtyard where a garden was built for the tranquility of the school. The headmaster was fond of nature as he built it for the sake for his hobby in gardening.


There, a certain girl sighed as she stared at the empty sky while trying to hide her sad look on her face.

“Haah…even though i knew that he won’t like me anyway, i still did it and regret my decision…”

Yumiko held her knees while pouting. She couldn’t be composed after all whats had happened right now. The rejection, the attack of the demon and even Haru having a lover. This was the first time she’s been stress about it since it involve her life.

“Uuu…i shouldn’t be like this. My friends are here with me and will help me recover from me rejection. I should try to be myself.”

“Well said b*tch.”

While talking to herself, a voice appeared as she turned to see Haru eating sweets. His cold, dead eyes stared though everything while enjoying thr sweets.


“Yo! Glad you ain’t b*tching about the rejection.”

“Wait, aren’t you supposed to be teaching right now?”

Yumiko suddenly remembered that Haru is a teacher and it was currently classtime.

“Nah, after that b*tch showed up, i need to take a breather or i’ll snap.”

“I see…”

She can only agree to his usual trashtalking while deeply avoiding his look. She still couldn’t properly look at him while he already notice her perplexed look.



“Well, you poured out your feelings and i kinda coldly reject them. So i should apologize to you.”


Yumiko flabbergasted at Haru’s unusual behavior. Its unlike Haru to be so courteous. But he rebuked her bewildered look.

“Hey, do you want me to be an a**hole who’ll just laugh at your determination or sh*t? Nope. I’ll be saying some cassanova lines to make you feel better and just be done with it.”

“Why did you have to say it sooner?! Just be yourself and continue mocking me.”

“Woah, woah, i never thought that your ‘that’ kind of person. I ain’t gonna satisfy your weird taste…”

“I’m not like that!”

Without noticing Yumiko’s depressed state being gone, they continue their debate on some useless things.

“Headmaster, about the tournament being held a month from now…”

“I know that already. So, have all the classes selected their representatives?”

“Yes….no. All have been picked except.”

Before the secretary even complete her sentence, the headmaster spoke before her.

“Its Haru’s right?”


“Geez, why did we even picked him up?”

“Because he reeducate the worst class?”


The headmaster regret to himself as he leaned back at his chair while the secretary whispered something into his ear.

“I see…well, lets go with that.”


“And so, the tournament will be held a month from now…”

After his resting time became an argument with someone, he decided to head back into class as he was given letter from the headmaster. After looking into the contents, an evil grin appeared on his face as he head back in his class.

“Now, who’ll be the the representative-”

Before he could finished his words, some students raised their hands while having determined eyes. They were some noble kids who acted high as they wanted to be the representative for their class. But Haru smiled as he continued his words.

“And be my playth*Cough* hero for this class.”

When he said those words, the students quickly dropped their hands as the last person to react was a young girl who had a confused look.

“Looks like we have our hero(victim) for the training(torture).”

Haru who gave a smile(evil grin) as he walked to the young girl and patted her head while the students prayed to the girl that may she survive his training…

HfH Chapter 33

Arc 3 Chapter 13: Trust

Haru woke up from a nightmare while wiping out the cold sweat on his face. He remembered his dream of the girl he loved while glaring at an empty ceiling

“You’ll pay for this b*tch…”

His dead eyes that glare at the light, vengence that burns that once he hate. The details of his suffering, the lost and saddness that starts from a single being.


“Good morning Teacher!”

“Yo Teach, Morning!”


The students walked the corridor as they each greeted Haru. Yet, they were ignored by him as his mood wasn’t gleeful today.

His mind was clouded by anger as he met the goddess who made his life hell. He didn’t notice two people had watch him from the hall.

“Touya, do you think that Haru is hiding something from us?”

“I don’t know. I just don’t know the relationship between him and the goddess and we don’t even know his motive in training us but…”

He paused for a moment as his face gave a small smile.

“I think that we should believe in him since he might be the only person whose more trustworthy than the people or even the goddess.”

He recalled the time when Haru had conducted his final training with them.

“At least you have lived for more than 6 years of peace than me. You have been blessed with a good fortune, Power, Gifts and even people who will stand beside you. I live in this world far earlier than you and you just gonna whine like a fucking baby?”

By those words, he knew that Haru couldn’t achieve that immense power without any sacrifices. In this world that you must have the strength to protect your own, a 10 year old that lived in a peaceful world wouldn’t even survive yet sane enough to think that killing is wrong.

If Touya were to have the same circumstances as Haru…he just doesn’t know how to even live if he managed to return to his world. And thats why he was more trustworthy to the boy who was younger than him.

“I believe that Haru maybe the only one who’ll protect us. Thats what my instincts told me.”


Moka would more likely believe in Touya’s words than the people here and when he said that he trust Haru, she could happily agree with him.

“Also, i hope that Yumiko could recover from the rejection…”

Moka could only glance at the window while worrying for her best friend…

HfH Chapter 32.5

Arc 3 Chapter 12.5: The curse of Immortality

The moonlight that bathes a young boy, alone at the cliff. Placing after placing rocks that stack into one. Eyes that died of light as he glance above the deep, dark skies.

“I’ll f*cking kill you…”

He stood up as he glance at the kingdom when he begins to chant his magic.

“[Legions of hell, grant those who defile-]”

“Are you sure that your gonna kill them?”


He quickly glance at a young girl who instantly appeared behind him. He knew the voice as he dash towards her but then, his body began to grow heavier as each step began to weight him down.

“Tsk, tsk. Its like you don’t care what happens to your sister…”

“?! You f*ck-”

“‘Big brother, big brother. Why am i with these strange people? Please help big brother…no, please don’t let them touch me…help…’ would you like if she were to get involve in the situation your right now?”


He began to lose strength of his body as the girl smiled on his despair. He knew the goddess could really send his sister into hell if she wanted to.

“I’ll like you if you don’t destroy that kingdom since its filled with my devoters. Also, i’ll send your sibling with her friends here in a year from now.”

“! Don’t you dare-”

“Or what? Kill me? Can you even reach the place at where i am? Also, did you forget as to why you can’t die? I gave you that ‘immortality’of yours. I could just take it from you and gave it to your sister so she could experience of what you’ve suffered. Fufufu…”


Even if Haru defeated the demon king, he only won through the ‘immortality’ that the goddess gave. This was a blessing yet a curse that cannot be removed.

To die by fire, to die by stabbing multiple times, to die as each of your limbs being cut off one another.

A normal boy would already been broken like a lifeless doll if he couldn’t endure this torture like this everyday. Yet, Haru still belived in that ray of hope that he could still find a happy ending from all his suffering.

He didn’t want his sister to be in his situation even if she had already forgotten him. He decided to endure the arrogant goddess that continue to talk.

“My brave little hero, oh what would you sacrifice to reach the realm of the gods…”

The goddess laughed at the furious boy as the voice began to fade and the body became lifeless…

I’m still alive

Heya, Arcy here.

Its been a long time since i updated my blog but i’m not dead. I’m just busy(lazy) at school and i haven’t been making any progress with my work but i’ll be releasing some HfH tonight and i’ll try to release some chapters for you guys.

Hopefully, i’ll have spare time working on my novels and thats it.

Thanks and i hope that you all have a good time.
Arcadia Blade, signing out!

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