Arc 3 chapter 12:

At a cliff thats close to the sea, a young boy held a girl thats currently losing blood  on her body. Holding the boy’s cheeks as she gave a sad smile at him while the boy cast some magic to her.

“Haru, it won’t work on me anymore.”

“Bullsh*t! I can still save you Alysha!”

“The goddess gave me a potion that burns my soul. You can’t save me.”

“I can! Just believe in me!”


Alysha could only smile sadly at him as he continues to to cast spells at her. Even though he’s powerful, can do amazing things, he isn’t god. He’s just a weak boy who got into this world as he begins to lose everything from him.

“Haru…i still want to live. I want to see the world where you live again. I want to be with you again….”

“Alysha! I will save you…”

Alysha began to cry as she still wanted to be together with him again. The boy who curse a lot but still cares for her. The boy who spared his father and the boy who love her even if they are both different races. She couldn’t bare to see him suffer again. But…

(Goddess, please…)

“My goddess! Please! Don’t let her die! I will do anything you ask for! Please! Don’t take her away from me!”

It wasn’t the voice of Alysha but Haru’s. He begs the goddess to save the girl he loves. He knew that he hated her to the very core but she was the only one who could save her. He had to give up his pride and vengence just to let her live.



Haru clung to Alysha as he was terrified of leaving him. She knew the past on how he lived in this world. But…

“Can you sing me the song one last time…?

“Alysha! Why would you…”



Haru saw Alysha’s eyes as he finally know that it was too late. He could only grit his teeth as he nods his head in saddness…


“A brave hero who descents onto the land.
He gave such fame to the travels he had.
But bore such pain since he was alone.
He was a person born from a different home.”

The moonlight was beautiful on that night.

“He found companions he shared his journeys.
A love sprouted on a race differs from his.
He knew that love no bounds in this.
He falls for a girl for a happy end.”

A young girl slowly fades as lights began to rise up in the sky. But a smile on her face as she saw a boy singing the song he once composed.

“The adventures….
The laughters…
The pain we suffered together…”

It was a childish song but she was happy that she could hear it again. She already has lost half of her body but she continues to smile as she approached the boy’s face.

“And once their journey was over….”

She whispered to his ears as her parting words. He was shocked at first but continues singing.

“They would live as husband and wife…”

And as her head and her arms were begining to fade.


She seal their lips with a kiss.


The king, who could only grit his teeth as he glance at the cliff where a sound of a dragon’s roar could be heard…