Arc 3 Chapter 11: Haru vs the masked girl

Why am i still alive?

This was the thought of a 12 year old boy whom was transported in the other world without any family nor someone he know about this new world.

Having been killed multiple times, tortured and even suffered through his stay, he was finally glad that once he got home, he could be reunited with his family.

My son is dead! How can you pretend to be him?!

He was abandoned. Abandoned by his family and the only one left was the girl he fell in love.

Why should it be me?! Why?! Why, why, why?! WWWWHHHHYYYY?????!!!!!



“Get out or i’ll slaughter you…”

His immortality kicked in as all the missing parts and injuries began to heal up as he glared at the girl who wears a mask. The girl didn’t say anything but dash through him with the dagger on her hand.

Haru’s vision blurred so he could barely see anything but he knew the voice was the goddess so she must be using another girl as her puppet.

The dagger had hit on his right shoulder as he reach his hand towards her but she dodge the attack by gripping his shoulder and threw him behind her.

Breathing heavily as he glared at the girl, he recast the same spell he used on the guy.


Blood came from his mouth as his vision could barely seen from his eyes as he fell down on the ground with his blood gushing out from him. The masked girl threw a dagger to his sides as he grit his teeth in pain.

“My brave hero, i know you want to save your princess. But can you save her when your in this situation?”

Even without seeing her expression, she was currently grinning at him the whole fight as she continues to stab daggers at Haru’s body. She knew that he’ll come back to life since she was the one who gave him the power of immortality.

Haru could only glare at the girl above him as he closed his eyes.

“[Burn my heart. Burn my body. Burn everything from my eyes. Give me the magic to consume all as i offer my body to fire. Demon Flames from hell.]”
From his skin, green light made of flames starts to cover his body as his body as he glared at the masked girl. She knew that Haru was gonna blow his body apart as she used a stone that carved with writtings. She then disappeared as the assassins panicked and ran away from him but it was too late.


A huge explosion that causes the entire forest to burn down in ashes as the assassins fails to escape the explosion and got caught while the girl escapes into the cliff where there was a circle below her.

“Geez, he’s one crazy-*Stab* *Coughs*”

“Got’cha b*tch.”

In the next second, Haru appeared in front of her as she was impaled by his sword. Blood came out from her mas as Haru took of the mask.