Arc 3 Chapter 10: Assassins and the masked girl

Haru dash through the forest as his breath became even harder. He had been searching for her while not being able to recover all of his strength in his fight with the angel.

(That B*tch! I knew she had some plan! I should’ve check her if she has any abnormalities! F*ck!)

“F*cking B*tch!”

Haru cursed the goddess while he curse at himself for not noticing any abnormalities.



Without any warning, a dagger flew towards haru as he ignored the dagger and plunges through his flesh. He could barely muster any strength to fight due to his battle against the angel.

“[Grab thy heart as i crush those who stand in my way. Heart Crusher!]”


Haru’s hand made a gesture like he crush a heart, a man fell down to the ground as his face was spilling blood all over. It look like his body shook before stopping permenently.

There were other assassins beside the man but they trembled in fear as Haru was like a dying lion that’ll defend its territory till his death.

(F*cking brat! He’s still a f*cking monster even though he had a brutal injury in the fight against that being.)

They didn’t want to risk their lives fighting this monster but since it was the order from the king, they decided to sacrifice their lives even though it was a hopeless situation for them.

“For the kingdom!”

“””The kingdom!”””

They threw daggers, poison needles and even bombs at Haru. Taking all the attacks as he continue to stagger to trace Alysha’s location. His arms flying, his vital parts and even half of his brain went missing but he still walked while reaching out with his missing arm for the girl he love.

“F*ck! Why the hell are we doing this?!”


One of the assassins began to stopped attacking as he look at the boy whom still struggle with all the pain and the missing body parts.

Tears ran through Haru’s face as he began to blame for all of his mistakes. But he finally fell down as a young assassing wearing a mask came towards him with a voice that was familiar with him.

“Would you take revenge on me, my brave hero?”