Arc 3 Chapter 9:The Goddess’ Play

Night has descent. A young boy was currently asleep while a young girl beside him had been staring at him for an hour ago or so. She had a sad look on her face as she tried to reach out to his hand.

‘Alysha, you are not the one in control now.’

Her eyes turned dead as if she was tied with a string like a puppet and began to move without any freedom.

Her legs moved as she slowly got up from the bed and started to walk outside the room without waking the young boy beside him.



In an instant, the young girl felt like she had a will to live as she tried to struggle to move her body. But in no avail, she moved like a puppet again as she walked outside the room.

Continuing to walk in the corridors and outside the building, she was then greeted by a group of guards and a man who was the king of this kingdom with a girl beside him as she walked to Alysha.

“Fufufu, now ‘Ms. Princess’, its time for you to play the finale of your act in the play.”

She began to pat Alysha’s cheek as she began to glance at the certain window where a young boy was currently asleep.



Haru woke up from his sleep as he glance at the bed. The girl whom he had been caring for had disappeared while he quickly glance through the door where she would walk.


He dash through the door as he scanned the entire area around him with search magic. But she wasn’t in the building as he dash through the window and ran through the forest where a thin link of her’s could be seen.

‘My Brave little hero…’

His body begins to weaken due to the fight with that angel…

‘Where would you go to search for your little princess…’

His breath begins to get even harder.

‘Would you be able to find and save your little princess?’

He suddenly trip as his vision begins to blur.

‘Or would you find out that your princess…’

He stood up as he begins to stagger to reach his destination.

‘Would die by your hands…?’