Chapter 23:  My sister(Yuna) part 2

I’ve once came back to the amusement park but now with Yuna-nee. I decided that i should spend more time with my sisters since we haven’t been going out as a family. After our parents left on a trip, they have been as much clingy as they used to. And since shool had started, its usually been hard for us to even have a conversation with all the schoolwork that we’ve done so far. My sisters go to a prestigious school while i’ve been in a public school and their workload had been tiring for them.
“Lets go Naru!”

Immersing with my own thoughts, Yuuna-nee pulled by hand as she pointed on a ride where there was least people around.

Merry-go round?

Curious as to why she would pick that, she stood in line for the ride while waiting for our turn. When it was our turn, she hurriedly pulled towards the ride.

It was rather fun riding with Yuuna-nee while she gave off a smile as the ride spun round and round while moving up and down. The crowd were charmed by Yuuna’s innocence while she look like she was having fun riding it. I also have fun riding it with her as the ride was over and we had leave and walk towards the next ride.

After half a day was over, we decided to have lunch at in a store as currently smiling while looking at me. I was kinda embarrassed while being stared at by her as the people were looking at us with envy. But most of the hatred were from the males as their killing aura were so thick that it can almost kill a person with it.


As we continued with our date, we happen to see two people who were somehow related to me.

“Kinoshita-san, are you sure he’s here?”

“I’m sure of it. I even put on a GPS tracker on his watch the other day.”



I didn’t notice that. It seems that Kinoshita and Kagura are trying to tail us. 

“Lets go.”


When i was about to call out to them, Yuuna-nee pulled my hand again as we headed into a nearby building.




Blushing madly, when she was about to say anything…

“Why did you pull me into a Haunted Mansion when your afraid of ghost?”


It seems Yuna-nee is careless today…



“Are you awake Yuuna-nee?”

“Uhh…eh? Eh?”

“Don’t shake since were at the ferries wheel. Here.”

As she was clueless as whats going on, i decided to tell her after i gave her a bottle of water. We were now atop of the ferries wheel as the sun’s setting down. It seems she woke up after fainting in the haunted house. She was kinda sad when the day’s over but she had fun with our little trip to the park.

Yuuna-nee might be overly possessive but i think its what who she is that i would like to understand as her sibling. We might not be related by blood, but i’m glad that i have siblings that would love me as i am today and maybe this will last for a long time…


‘The days might not last, may tomorrow end. But my love will be with you. From now until forever…’

Arc 1 End