Day 1’s final report:

After saving my mother, i head home to plan my actions in this timeline i’ve been sent to. It would seem that my stay here will be longer than i intend to…

*Beep* *Beep*


“Tch. .5 seconds late.”

It seems that i still can’t wake up earlier than what i’ve set up. My awareness hasn’t improved very much and i’ve might have died if this were in a battlefield.

I have now at least 5.58 hours before i head to school so i should start my daily routine before i head out.

“AIRA, begin simulation.”

[Yes master.]


“*Yawn* I was scared when i saw some delinquents yesterday. I could have help both of them but i was too weak and decided that i should ask for help but it seems it was too late when the cops arrived.”

“Your kinda pathetic Brother. A fragile girl asking for help and you just ran away? I’m ashamed to be your sister you know.”


Its kinda true that i’m that pathetic. Even if i wasn’t strong, i should try to be a hero and save a damsel in distress. But i just looked away and abandoned her.

I was even looked coldly by that black haired girl who saw me last night.


“Ah, my bad.”

Since i wasn’t watching the road, i had hit someone because i wasn’t looking and the first thing in my sights was the person i met last night. The black haired girl…

“Um…about last night…”

“Its alright. The girl was saved and returned home safely. But you should try to be more manly next time.”


After hearing the girl was safe, i sighed in relief but then again, noticing me and running away, its kinda hurtful to be that blunt in saying those words but abandoning the girl was kinda my fault to begin with.


Forgetting my sister, she suddenly spoke behind me as we both looked at her.

“Ah, right. Could you kindly tell me the way to Alenxia High?”

Huh? Why is she going the-ah! Maybe she’s a transfer student.

“Oh, we’re students of that school. So, you should follow us there. Are you a transfer student by any chance?”

“Uh-huh. I’ll be staying here for a couple of weeks to get used to though since i’ll be transfering due to my parents work. But i hope that i can be great friends with you.”

“Same here.”

We both shake our hands as we both headed to school.

I’ve made contact with both my father(past) and his sister and now heading to school together. But it seems as if we are being tailed by someone.

According to my info, it seems to be one of my mom’s employee. She must be trying to make it look like it was fate that we’ve met but i’ll use this opportunity to reunited both of them and set up a plan to bring them closer to each other while focusing on the mission at hand.

I can’t be positive though since it may backfire on me. I should try to be careful on this.

“We’re here.”

Once we’ve arrive, we saw a black car parked in front of the gate. Its gonna get chaotic from here…

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