Day 1’s continuation report:

It seems that i made a mistake now my mother has fallen for me. Given that situation and her dream of having a hero that would rescue her, there’s a 100% chance of her falling for me.

I am now walking her back home as she continues to fidget while glancing at me. As i glanced back at her, she quickly look away but couldn’t hide her shyness as she continues to look at me whenever i look away.

I completely mess up the timeline…


“Is something the matter?”

“Its nothing…”

She continues to fidget while glancing at me as we walked towards her home…

Her house was huge as she once explained to me. My mom(future) told me that she is a daughter of a huge company and her father was the CEO. Because of vast amount of wealth, i was able to make technologies with my father and made many kinds of inventions which made our lives easier.

My father was the one who build AIRA(Advance intelligence Robotic Assistant) which enables me to access my gadgets and emergency situations such as battle mode and combat mode.


“Ah, sorry. What is it?”

Tch. I lost myself from my objective. I should be careful about my surroundings next time.

“Um…would you like-”

“I’m glad that your safe but i should head out now-”

“Can’t you…”

Haah… It seems she wants me to invite me to her home but i need to set up some plans for my problems i made.

“No. I have somethings to do. So, if you’ll excuse me…”


I shouldn’t increase her relation to me or i’ll never be able to fix the timeline. Leaving her now is the best option.

I hope that i can fix this…

(Liliana’s POV)

A prince, he was like a prince from the fairy tales i read. I’ve never been this much excited to see the person who made my heart skipped a beat. I want to know more about him. He was mysterious when he left but maybe i’ll see him again. Because…

(Alex POV)

“Haah…haah…End simulation.”


The blue world disappeared as i did a little streching and some pull-ups. I lay on the chair as i opened a laptop, showing some info about a certain building that i’m investigating right now.

‘Alenxia High.’

A normal school which my father and his sister are currently enrolled into. My mother is in a prestigious school which saves me the trouble for now. My main objective is to make contact with my father’s sister and administer the cure for her incurable disease.

‘Raina Brain Disorder.’

A newly disease which causes the brain to malfunction and cause of a death if not cured. The name was taken from the first victim ever to get it, Raina Sept, my father’s sister.

This was my task in coming back to the past. It was my father’s selfish wish that i was sent into the past and save his sister from dying from the disease.

He wanted himself to return here but he will cause a time paradox if he ever met with his past self. Which he sent me here instead of him.


It seems that i overwork myself yet again. I should prepare somethings and head to bed then…

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