Hey guys, Arc here.

Its been too long since i post anything and i became even more lazy that i stopped updating my novels. But here i am, back in buissness.

I’ve been making you wait for updates that i forgot about why did i even create this site. Sorry about being a lazy writer. But i’ll start updating and maybe, i could return to my regular updates. I hope to continue writing stories with you.

But first, i would like to revive my old novel ‘Time Save’ which made me start my site here. When i try scanning the chapters, it seems that some chapters are missing and some of which were even written poorly.

I’ll rewriting the whole thing. After that, i’ll start writing the new arc for it. I won’t be making the other stories until i finished writing this one so you’ll have to wait until i’m done writing the whole Arc of ‘Time Save’. Anyways, i hope your still with me in my career as a writer.

Thank you. Arcadia Blade, signing out!