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May 2016

HfH’s Theme song

Arc here,

Since Hfh was made, i tried making a song about it. I only wrote the lyrics but i hope that you will enjoy it.

The Child who gone mad (Haru’s Song)

I didn’t want to be a hero, i only chose peace.
But i got dragged into this world and fate was already made.
All this madness, all this pain, all my sorrows of slaughter everywhere.
I am… a child who gone mad….

My family, my friends, all disappeared like mist in air.
I now, live in a world, where life was just a joke.
Dying many times, but fate played with my heart.
Becoming a hero… who i didn’t want to be…

Meeting the girl in the castle, the fate spins again.
Fighting her father who only wants to protect his people.
In my heart, her innocence, my heart that stops, starts again.
I am…falling in love…

My heart, her life, you toyed it again.
She’s now, gone like the wind, the tears that had shed.
Killing many times, but her life won’t come back.
This is…the child who gone mad….


So, what do you think? Its short because its only half of the lyrics. If you like me making more of these or make a lyrics from my other stories, please comment below and maybe(or not since i’m becoming lazy) i’ll make more of these.

Anyway, thanks for all the tike to read my stories and may you have a good day.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.


Crazy Sister Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Regrets of a Father

I, Ryoga Raizokure, have always regret my actions.

I abandoned my son who would die any second. But i couldn’t do anything to my psychotic daughter. She resembled my wife too cleary that it clouded my head and blamed my innocent son. When my mind became clear, i began to search for him but he suddenly disappear and i can only blamed my rash actions.

Ayaka reminded me so much of Yumiko that i didn’t notice that she was the one who killed my wife. Clouded with rage, i sent my ill son to the harsh world without heeding his innocence.

Many years passed and what was once loved his family, wants to kill his sister. But his actions became true as he almost choked his sister to death. I always saw Yumiko in Ayaka. When she was being choked by her brother, i sent him flying with my fist. I couldn’t just stand there and let my daughter suffer. My rage made me forget that he was also suffering but i didn’t care and only made me protect Ayaka.

When my anger cool down, i can only see the face of anger in him. It was the face of the time, i tried to protect the Ayaka again. I sinned again…




“Don’t bother.”


The look on his face as he looks outside the window. I could tell that it was a hard day for him. I can only watch him as i jot worthy of being a father to him. I abandoned him, punched him and even left him to die. How can i be a worthy father to him?

“Asshole, did you love mom?”


What did he just say? I quickly glance back at my son as he continue to glance at the sky. But his voice was clear. He wanted me to know how much i love my wife.

“I…i love your mother.”

“I see…”

Why did he want me to say that? He should know how i love his mother. But looking at his eyes, it was like me who had lost something precious to him. Then, he gave a smile at me, to whom he hated the most. I couldn’t believe my eyes, a smile to a bastard like me, he smile to a person he hated the most.

“I forgive you…”




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Finally back but became sick.

Arc here,

Hi guys, sorry that i couldn’t post the last weeks chapter since i had a reunion with my old classmates. Also, i only finished two chapters.

So here’s the chapter (And its finally back!)
Pervert Hero Chapter 3
Assassin God Arc 4 Chapter 3

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