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March 2016

Reviving a dead novel

Arc here,

Hi guys, i just want to revive my old dead novel i made on my wattpad. I want your guys opinion about the story i made 4 years ago. Its been rework but i hope you guys enjoy reading.

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Possessive Sisters Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Loving Naru (Yuna)

Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine. Naru is mine.

Naru is a very, very, veeeeerrrryyyyyy special existance for me. Naru is always a caring person for me. Even if i acted as a child, he was always at my side.


It was after Naru was adopted in our family…

“I-i-i’m Naru. Pleash care for me.”

He was a young boy who was picked up by our parents. After biting his tongue, he hid his face with shame as we three laugh at him. Even though we laugh at him, he still smiled at us. That gave us a moment to think that he will be happily welcomed in our family.


Two days, after Naru became our new family member, he did all of the housework. Marika-nee was sad since she always wanted to do the housework but Naru was better than her at housework that she became depress about it. But…

“Marika-nee, you should concentrate more on you duties as a class president. Since i have free time, i should burden you less with work.”


“And its nice to have a big sister whose hard working.”

Marika-nee held onto him as she begins to cry. Naru was always kind to us but i always thought that he was hiding his true self to us. And in reality was a perverted and evil person, so i didn’t fully trust him.


As me and my friends hangout in a nearby cafe…

“Hey, wanna hangout with us?”

Nearby guys tried flirting with us. When we tried evading them, one of them held my hand. I began to pale in white as i became scared. Their lustful look, i can only think of what he is about to do to me. Bystanders only glance at us as they ignored our situation.




“What do you think you’re doing to my sister?”

It was Naru. But his gentle air change, giving a cold look as he gripped that guy’s arm. All of us were terrified, a killing intent could be seen from him as he forcrfully removed his hand from me. They can only ran away as they knew they had no hope of beating him.

“Yuna-nee! Are you okay?!”

The cold look he released earlier disappear as it was replace with his gentle look. He was worried about me. I always think of him as a bad person but he still worry about be despite that. I couldn’t help but fall for him, even if he was my brother.


When i awoke from reality, i could feel red in my hands. A person was stabbed by the blade that i held as i look towards my victim.


HfH Chapter 31

Arc 3 Chapter 8: Dragon form

As the flames disappear, a young boy cover with scales as he glared at the man. Before he could even react, Haru instantly reappeared before him…



After he reappeared beside the man, a sonic boom followed after him as it instantly blew away the soldiers and the crowd around them. The man, before he can even process what happened….


His arms began to bend as Haru began to break every part of his body. He didn’t just stop there. He even ripped apart his limbs as he continue to break him.

“The goddess barrier shouldn’t-Argh!”


After teaing his limbs, he use magic to regrow them as he used his teeth to rip his flesh apart. Seeing this spectacle, the crowd and even the soldiers couldn’t help but feel sick as they look away from this scene.

After ripping every part of his body, he quikly untied Alysha as he catches her when she fell down. Alysha was unconscious as Haru sighed in relief. He didn’t want her to see this side of him as he gently place her down and healed her wounds. After doing that, he return to the man when his discuise fell off.

White wings appear on his back as he look like an angel who was being massacred. Haru now guess the truth as he gritted his teeth with anger in his eyes.

“So its that bitch fault for hurting Alysha…”

After finding his answer, he carried Alysha as he glance at the crowd.

“You trusted a man from unknown background and almost killed an innocent life. Your no different from the old king.”

He walked away fromthe crowd, bring forth guilt in thier heart. The words ‘no different from the old king’ had made them feel uneasy as they hated that person in their life. But once his words stike at them, they could only feel shame and guilt in their actions.


“Sorry about this old man…”

“No worries brat, just let her rest here.”

Hughes patted his head as Haru can only felt relieved that there was someone he trusted in this kingdom. He can only let Aylsha rest here while thinking up ways of reaching the goddess domain. He knew that she would one day sent another angel to attack her…

HfH Chapter 30

Arc 3 Chapter 7: Transform

Since Haru had nothing left in this world, they decided to return to the other world as he begins opening the portal. Once they came back, a nearby soldier that was walking nearby as he approached the group. But the soldier attacked him as he dodges and looks like the person was human. But he didn’t notice that the soldier wasn’t aiming at him. It was too late when he notice that the soldier was reaching reach out to Alysha as white light enveloped them and disappeared. Cold sweat poured on his face as he rushes towards the kingdom.


When he reach the kingdom, he notice that the air was strange as he approached the plaza. Loud cheers arise as Haru could see that there was a blond haired young man as he preaches the people.

“This here is the enemy that once decimated a village without any remorse. You can see that thier blood is the filth of this world. Once we clense her, it will be one step away from bringing peace to our world.”


“Kill her!”

“Burn her to death!”

The people had believe the man as they started to throw stones at her. Haru’s blood was surging forth as he instantly jumped and blocked the stones. The people became surprise as they could see Haru protected Alysha. The angel used this opportunity as he continue to preach.

“You shall not be afraid, you are protected by the goddess herself. This hero here was temped by this demoness and now belongs to the demon’s side. After clensing her, would return the hero to his former self.”

After he said that, the crowd glared at the demon as they continue to throw stones at her. Haru continue to block the stones while glaring at the man before him. He wanted to kill the man but didn’t move because he was protecting her. They continue to throw stones at him…


The crowd began to stop throwing once they saw Haru’s current shape. Blood and injuries all over his body as he continued to endured the mocks and pain from the crowd. The man giggled as he called out behind him.

“You shall block his way while i start to purify her.”

Haru could see that behind the man was the king and queen of this kingdom as he unsheathe his sword.


Once the crow stop throwing stones at him, he quickly charged at the man when two guards blocked his way.


Haru instantly blasted away as he hit something hard. When he saw a barrier on the soldiers, he was confused since he can easily break any barrier.

“Your such a fool since you can’t break the goddess divine protection. You are a hero for the goddess, so you will never break something made by her.”

He knew the man arrogantly mocks him as he continue to charge towards them.



Even when he called out to the guards, the knights didn’t listen to him as they continue to block his way. When the man reach Alysha, he touch the ground as fire started to burn below her.


When he saw Alysha was in pain, something broke inside him as he started to roar. Flames envelop him as his eyelids disappear. The roar deafen the crowd as the man felt something was amiss…

Crazy Sister Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Goodbye Kayaka

Those words dug deep in Kayaka’s heart as her brain couldn’t process Tatsuya’s words.


“I hate you.”

She can only see his resolve eyes as tears poured on her face. Those were the words that she wouldn’t hear from Tatsuya’s mouth. But…

“Tatsuya…it isn’t true…right…?”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

“You must be brainwash by your sister right?”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

“Hahaha, you must be lying right?”



Tears…only tears were the sounds that were heard in the room. Grabbing onto his sleeve, she couldn’t let go of the person she loved all these time. But Tatsuya only shook her hand, delivering the final blow to her.



I was now alone in the room. Silence delivered  the room with grimm. Kayaka left the room after hearing my last words to her.


A small chuckle only sound that turned into laughter.


A laughter the turned into…




I recall my mom who was beside us last time while Ayaka was still sleeping.

“Mom? Can i find happiness?”

“Yes Tatsuya, i even find happiness with your father and also have you both.”

“Then my dream is to have a wife like you mom.”

“Oh Tatsuya…”


I was covinced that i could find my true happiness at that time.


Then recalling my coversation with an old man at the countryside.

“Hey young lad, when will you marry kayaka?”

“Sometime gramps. Gonna earn first before i propose right? I don’t want to burden her or anything.”

“Hehe, such a straightforward young man. Good luck!”

“Yes Gramps!”

It was something that i was convinced that will not change. My life was begining to get better and better.


“You only have a year to live.”


The shock given to me as i consulted with the doctor. This was the doctor i was familiar with. He once saved me after spotting me, half-dead in the ditch in some alleyway.

He would always give me medical check-ups for free and i can only have my gratitude for he is a very considerate person. But he can’t always help me every time.



But Kayaka….no.

I can’t hurt her anymore. Even if she would hurt like this, i should make her give up on me. I can’t let her love someone who’s gonna die soon. Kayaka…


“I’m sorry Kayaka….I’m sorry…”

It better this way. I already accept my fate. It was short, but…

Goodbye Kayaka…

Arc’s Education

Sup bitches,

I just got back from my grandfather’s home while Arc said that he will manage the site while i’m out. Tch. And a goodjob he did.

He just go lazing around while not posting any stories while i’m out. I even got him a cute dog-eared girl for him.

Now, i gonna educate him with some videos and listening to some music while i try to catch up my chapters i missed. So bye.

Arc’s Poem

Psyku here,

Since someone told me their poem, maybe i should show you Arc’s poem about his life. Hope you will like it.

The Souless me

I was born without a soul.
Moving throught life like a Doll.
A human body with emotions, but without any will to live.
Walking life in a painful way.

Envy my brother, a love that never fufilled, watching someone important disappear.
Difference of poor, only a dream they strive.
I’m a souless doll that only live though life.
A dream was only a goal for a souless me.

I write stories for fun.
Talent i had, drive i lack.
Important people, gave a soul for me.
Only death, dug deeper though the souless me.

A cat, found in the streets.
She gave me the reason to live.
Beautiful cat loves someone like me.
I denied her love, not worthy of her.
Because of the souless me…


After reading that, i can’t help but cry. He’s been suffering throught his life and he still smiled like that. I wish that he will get his happy ending…

We’re back

Psyku here,

Sup bitches! Its been a week since then. Here’s what happened last week.


Arc: Hey Psyku, you alright?
Psyku: …
Arc: Hey! Psyku! Stay back! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!


Psyku: What happened Arc?
Arc: You almost raped me! Why didn’t you tell me you were in heat since yesterday?!
Psyku: Hehehe
Arc: Dammit, i’ll wait for your answer after i finished with my exams.

Wednesday and Thursday – Were nothing happened, Arc just studying while i was working at the cafe.


Arc: Yes! My exams are over! Now, i’m going to a journey to find some Dog-eared girls!
Psyku: Hey Arc, you have Summer class in 3 weeks right?
Arc: ….
Psyku: Shit! I knew he run away. Luckily…
Psyku: Hehehe, i knew that pitfall would work. Hey Arc, woul-Ah, shit…

Thats what happened last week. Arc’s now in a hospital since i dug the hole too deep and i’ll be watching him after he recuperates. Thats all and i’ll only post Arc’s new story.

Here’s the link and the name of this story is Fantasy Combat.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Thats all and well be return posting after Arc recovers. Bye!

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