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February 2016

Last Mission Chapter 1

Psyku here,

Sup bitches! Arc isn’t available this week since he had classes today and since i will work in earning some cash, i also be busy for this week. But anyway, its really late but i have finished the chapter 1 of Last mission. Enjoy…

Chapter 1


Chapter 7 and the prologue of Last Mission

Psyku here,

I still can’t believe that Arc hasn’t recovered yet. But anyway, here’s chapter 7 along with the prologue of Last mission. Enjoy…

Chapter 7

A story by a different author

Psyku here,

Sup bitches. Today, i got a new storyline by one of my follower and wanted you guys think of this story. He created this story but wanted me to continue making it since he couldn’t continue to create more plot on this story. I will try my best to continue writing the story. Here it is…


Last Mission
by Hunterxsamurai

In the year 2100, 50 years had passed since the discovery of intergalactic traveling. A young man, who had heterochromia eyes, traveling through space after he escape on planet 428, also known as Hell of no return. He was picked up by a young girl who was the captain of a misfit crew and their battleship, Devil’s judgement.

The two had a common relationship as they were used as subjects in the experiment ‘Advance Soldiers‘. An experiment that used live humans in creating soldiers to fight off the aliens who once invaded earth 70 years ago.

One was a failed experiment who had one of her eyes taken and the other was an escaped subject. Now follow the adventures of Kyle and the crew as they face off the people reponsible for taking their lives and give them hell.


So what do you think? I think maybe i mess up but i hope that you will like it. And i’ll post the To become handsome with the prologue of this story. Bye bitches!

Crazy Sister Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Short life

As i regain conscious, i felt a pain through my back as i look through towards my body.


There, a long, sharp object had pierce through my abdomen. I started to cough up blood. The ground colored with grren, turn crimson as it was being stain with my blood.


Ayaka turned pale as she quickly ran towards me. I tried to stand but my body became heavy as i started to lose consciousness. My eye became blurry but i could see Ayaka ran towards me.


A voice had called me as the voice was familiar to my mind. It awoke me as i could see a young woman being restrained by the guards. I could see that person was worried about me. If i could see very well, maybe i could recognise her. But i notice my hand started to reach towards her as if by instinct.


I unconsciously mutter a name by instinct but she stop screaming at my name the moment i said those words. Kayaka…

Then, a torrent of pictures started to popped up in my head as it unlock the rest of my memories. I began to smile towards the girl as my eyes, closes…


(Ayaka’s POV)


I had finally reach my onii-chan as i began to hug im immediately. The guards told me that there was a girl forcefully entered our home as she kept calling my brother’s name. I tried to kick her out but seeing my brother call out to her, i knew his memory had come back. I’ll just let her go this time as i let the guards free her.

Then, our family’s doctor had just arrived to treat his injuries. He told us that he was going to be okay but…

“I think that he had only a few weeks or at least 10 days yo live.”

Those words had stab through me as Kayaka gripped the doctor’s collar as she angrily yell at him.

“What?! He’s dying?! You better tell me the reason doctor.”

Seeing her fury, the doctor began sweating as if he was hoing to be killed.

“Um…after inspecting his body, i shocked to see that he was still alive despite his condition.”

As he told us more about his conditions, she and i began to turn pale as the doctor said that he had too many diseases on his body and his condition only got worse as  he still overworks himself. We couldn’t believe that he was in that condition since he always looks healthy. Onii-chan…

Possessive Sisters Chapter 20

Chapter 20: My former family

“Naru, can we share your notebook?”


“Naru, lets eat together.”


“Naru! Lets go home together.”



“Uuu….your now dead to me.”


Kagura is now glaring at me while shedding tears. Kinoshita-san had always been with me the whole day as i was finally free from her after she had something to do. We headed to the arcade as he wanted to destroy me with his mad skills.


A voice came from behind us as we both turn around. There, a young boy gave as big smile at us as there were also some children behind him.

“Ah, Kenji, Kana, Haruto and Nana.”

I was familiar with them as they tackled me to the ground. Being hugged by them reminds me of when i was still at the orphanage. I was the oldest person in the orphanage and because of that, i was a big brother to them.

But after being adopted by the takeshi family, they pleded to them to now take me away. It was kind of sad that i had to leave them but i like the family that i have right now. Even though they made a statue of me, taking pictures of me, stalking me, taking my stuff and even watching me sleep every night, they were my family and i thank them for adopting me and its normal to be like that to your siblings right?

But seeing them, i felt happy that they were doing fine. As i try to stand up, i felt a sting on my arms as my vision became blurry…

Q&A Corner

You can ask any question about me(Arc)and Psyku about anything. Just comment on the questions and i will answer them.

Finally, HfH chapters

Arc here,

Its been hard lately. Comming up new chapters fkr the story. Maybe this is what’s is called ‘writer’s block’ that many writers face but at least that i almost overcome it (since i can only write two chapters.)

So anyway, Psyku will be comming back sometime and will start writeing some chapters. And the good news is that HfH has now two chapters posted and also some HTPAH chapters.

Thats all and thanks…

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

HfH Chapter 28

Arc 3 Chapter 5: Long Time

Once Alysha open her eyes, she first saw a road that was unfamiliar to her. People with different clothes and buildings that used unknown materials to make. Haru smiled as let go of her hands. He then went behind her as he lean onto her, hugging her from behind.

“Welcome, to my world.”

It was a new world for her and Miaka as Haru look at his homeworld. He wanted to see his family, friends he once hang out and the people who he was familiar with. Alysha glance at the small smile that made her heart skip as he lead them to his home…


A two storey house that Haru was familiar with as he, his parents and his little sister had live. On the nameplate was ‘Minami’ as he was about to enter when…

“Okay mom, bye.”

A young girl who was the same age as him, walk out the door as she stop when she saw Haru and the girls. She had short, brown hair that made her look boyish but when Haru look at those eyes of hers, he knew that she was familiar to him. Only one word came out of his mouth as he couldn’t believe it.


“H-how do you know my name?”

Ths scared look on her face as she back off from him, realise that she couldn’t recognize him. His mind couldn’t understand anymore the situation when suddenly two people came out of the house.

“Mom? Dad?”

“Wha-who the hell are gou kid?”

Haru gasped when his parents came out but they couldn’t recognize him as his heart broke down. Why…


“You stay away from my daughter!”


“Honey, call the police. Maybe he has a dangerous weapon.”


“Get away from us! You crazy brat!”


Haru had run away, speed that puts race car to shame as he left the girls behind him…


Haru had now realise after he meet up with familiar people who was once his friends. Now, they became second year highschool students.

Alysha and Miaka had finally found him as there was blood everywhere as he kept on stabbing his chest, muttering the same words over and over.

“Why, why, why, why….”

Htpah Chapter 15

Arc 2 Chapter 4: Deadly Reunion

15 mins ago…

“Now, try to repeat this incantation. [Oh Lord of flames, let me borrow your power…”

As i said that, red lights surrounded me as they condense into my hand. May was amazed at the lights that gathered in my palm. I face my palm towards the tree as i continue to chant.

“[Let the fire condense and burn my enemies, Fireball!]”

As i finish the incantation, all of the lights condense into a ball as it flew towards the tree. The ball made contact with the tree as it exploded. The tree was burned but it wasn’t destroyed. I only use a tiny amount so that the fire wouldn’t spead into the forest.

May’s eyes glittered as she wanted to try as well. I retreated backwards as May face the burnt tree. She raise her palm as red light gathered into her palms. I became shocked as i tried to stop her but it was too late.


Red light quickly condense into a ball as her face became pale. I quickly grab onto her as i transfer her mana.

Magicians use incantations to channel mana from the earth. Casting would consume time but if people cast spells without any chant, the feedback would go to the nearest mana that it could take, the life force of a person.

Now May, without any incantation, was being absorbed to create magic as i transfer magic to her. Ugh…


A explosion occured as i was dumbfounded. May turn around and suddenly hug me, ignoring that i was losing consciousness.

“I did it Crix!”

May, smiled that she almost kill herself as my body became heavy.



May suddenly notice that something was wrong and then, there was someone suddenly running towards us. The voice was familiar but my vision became blury as i lost conscious…

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