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January 2016

To become a Handsome man, i’ll become a girl

Psyku here,

Arc is still a bitch and i don’t think he will work like this. But i have a new story that i like you to read. It won’t end like some gay shit (no offense to gays but i’m straight. Also, i respect gay people.).

I hope you will enjoy the prologue…


Do you want to trade your gender to become more good looking?

Do you want to play a game?

And also, will you take a bet as well?

Gods are bored and i want you to play the game. You could ba k out but this is your last chance in becoming a good looking person.


Will you take the bet or not?

The day i met the goddess, she wanted me to play a game. A game where i became a girl to have my wish granted. This will change my life but i want to win against that person. Even if i have to take this bet.

He who was more porular than me. I swear that i will win. It will become weired as shit but to become handsome, i’m willing to become a girl.


A new person had taken the bet. Will he ever succeed or will he will lose and become a girl forever? Hello, would you like to take on this bet as well?

I’m just bored and luckily, i found a young man is willing to play the game. Kukuku

Now, how i wonder what will it turn out into?

Would you join me in my game?

I want to find out how will it turn out.

My game, will he win and become the person he seeks or will he become a girl forever? Kukuku


Possessive Sisters Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Her Number

While they were glaring at Tamaki-san, i glance at Kagura as i nodded at him. He saw my signal as he walk towards us.

“Kinoshita-san, Naru, are you alright?”

“Ah, yeah.”

When i help Kinoshita-san stood up, i accidentally made Kinoshita-san slip and she landed on to Kagura. Kagura looked at me as i seriously look at him. He knew the meaning as he spoke to Kinoshita-san.

“Are you alright, Kinoshita-san?”


Kinoshita-san coldly back away from Kagura as she glared at him. Kagura was shocked and when Kinoshita-san glance at me.



I immediately caught her as she was about to fall down. Kagura became gloomy as he knew what happend. Kinoshita-san looked at me with teary eyes.


“Its ok, i caught you.”

I rub her head as i questioned Kagura. He look at me as he envy me. Tamaki-san walked towards us as she was worried about Kinoshita-san.

“Hey, are you alright?”

As she reach Kinoshita-san’s shoulders, she move away from her as she hid behind me. Tamaki-san was confused while Kinoshita-san glared at her.

“She really likes you Naru.”

She smiled at me that made my heart race while Kinoshita glance at me then glared at Tamaki-san.

“Naru’s mine.”

“Hahaha. Kay.”

Tamaki-san back away from us while raising her hand. Yuna-nee and Haruka-nee pulled my hand.

“Let go home.”

“Com’on Naru.”

I became gloom as Tamaki-san move and grabs my phone. She dial some numbers and handed back to me.

“Lets talk more about Roboman, okay?”

Her smile made my heart racing while i smiled at her.


Seeing the situation. My sisters pulled my hand harder as i was dragged away…


I read some manga while my phone began to vibrate. As i look at the sender. I blush as i became excited to tommorow…

Possessive Sisters Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Same Taste

We were heading to an Karaoke. Tamaki-san seated next to me while Marika-nee also seated beside me. She was glaring at Tamaki who was clinging at me. I was getting all of the attention while the boys envied my situation. Kagura stood up.

“Hey, who wants to sing first?”

“I want to hear Naru sing.”

“Eh? Me?”

Tamaki-san raise my hand while she call out to Kagura. I became nervous as its my first time singing. Kagura gave me a thumbs up as i stood up…



I sighed as everyone was looked at me with a surprise expression. Do i suck at singing?

Then everyone sang as Tamaki-san moves closer to me.

“Your really good Naru-kun.”

“Ah, yeah.”

I blushed at Tamaki-san who was so close. Marika-nee pinch me as she pouted. Tamaki-san grinned at her while she clung onto my arms.

“Hey Naru-kun, do you like older girls?”

As she glance at my face, she realises and seperates from me while blushing. An akward silence while the boys gave me a thumbs up. I look down on them while giving them a thumbs up as well. Marika-nee saw my hand and kept pinching me. Ow…


Next, we move on to a fast food joint. Tamaki-san was moving far away from me as we walk. Did she hate me? I became gloom when i spotted something on Tamaki-san’s phone.

“Hey, is that Roboman?”

I stood next to her as i pointed on her keychain. She became excited as she held my hand.

“You know Super Roboman?”


As i said that, we began to talk about the plot and we habe the same taste of movies and anime. Marika-nee glared as she envy our situation. Then, someone ran toward us…



The person tackle me as i fell down. When i saw the person who tackle me…



Kinoshita-san became reary eyed as Yuna-nee and Haruka-nee were behind her, glaring at Tamaki-san. I hope nothing bad happens…

Crazy Sister Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Broken

Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die.

“Onii-chan, your foods here.”

Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die.

“Can i sleep next to you?”

Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die.

“I became first at class. But i’m more happier because of Onii-chan.”

Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die.


Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die. Just let me die.


My life…

Why do i need to live. I never had anything i like. I just needed to survive because i didn’t have anything. I was constanty tease and bullied. I envy everyone as i saw happiness of the people who was just happy. I looked at them with gloom as i envy their life.

My hard work was my only benefit as i looked at the sky as i try to catch a shooting star. I pray to gods to make my wish come true. I even donated to an oprhanage just fo make the gods grant my wish. Why do i have to suffer? Am i too nice to live in this world? Am i too unlucky to be granted a wish?

Then, why did you let me live? You could have just killed me so i don’t have to suffer anymore.



My father visits me as he just stared at me. I don’t want to fight anymore.

“The girl who was with you is still alive.”

As i he said that, i was a little happy that she was alive. But he became desperate as he looked at he.

“I’m sorry…”

Tears fell on his face as he bowed to me. I jsut looked at him as he continued his words.

“Its wasn’t your fault. You risked your life to save her but i blamed you and threw you out. If anything, i shouldn’t be called a father anymore.”

His sounds made the guards alarmed as they rushed into the room. Seeing this, made the guards bowed to me as well. They knew what happened the past but they shut themselves to protect their life. I walked to him as i smiled when i hugged him.

“I could never forgive you for what you’ve done to me. But can i treat you as a father for the first time?”

As i said that, he looked at me with surprise as he hugged me back. Ayaka came in to see us reconciled as she happily joimed in. It was memorable for the both of them as i had accepted them.

Little that they know that it was that same moment that i hid a weapon at my back as i waited for an oportunity like this. They were both closer to me as i pulled a sharp object and aimed it at Ayaka.

But before it could reach her, my father pushed me back as he angrily roared at me.

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

The guards secure the sharp object as he grab me at the neck. I grinned as i looked at him. His face became surprise as my dead eyes looked at him.

“Just kill me already. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me. Kill me.”

My mind was broken as i laughed…

Only post for this week

Sup bitches, its Psyku.

Just replacing the fucking idiot who had to being a pussy for his fucking story. Tbis will be the only post for this week or until i beat the sense of Arc who is currently being a bitch.

That is and go fuck yourselves…

Links for the rest of Arc 3 AG

Psyku here,

Sorry for the late post since Arc is being a bitch. I’m here to post instead of him.

If some of you didn’t know me…

I’m Psyku, a friend of Arc. I am a psychopath who wrote PS and CS. I’m also work with Arc on making HfH.

Okay, fuck this shit, i’ll just post the chapters of AG and be fucking done with it.

Here’s the link for AG:

Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

I’ll also post a few chapters on RR and the rest can read it here.

I’m done and go fuck yourselves…

Teaser for HfH: The blood princess

Arc here,

Today, a teaser of a side story of the blood princess. And man it really is a long one, About 2 or 4 Arcs. It isn’t connected to the HfH but i hope you will like the story…


Haru became dizzy as he wobbled towards his room. He drank too much as he opened the door. He didn’t notice the bulged in his bed as he crawled towards it. There, a young girl had woke up as she stared at Haru sleeping besides her. She became terrified as she shook the bed. But after a few minutes, she became relaxed as she lean closer to his body. At first, she couldn’t bear the stink of alcohol but as his warm transfer into her. She felt like she was held on by the sun as she grasped him. Haru began to feel cold as he slowly open his eyes. There was a young girl who held him as she was peacefully sleeping. Haru thought it was nothing as he closes his eyes…


Now haru started to choke Miaka as she grasped for air. Hughes sighed as he spoke.

“Now, now Haru. It was my fault that i had to let her sleep in the room. I never thought that this girl wouldn’t tell you that you had a guest in your room.”

Haru let go of Miaka as he toss her away. He wobbled a little as he was still drunk. He glared at Miaka as he slept on the chair.

“Ugh… because i feel like shit, i let you go until i wake up. You better hide before i rip your fucking tail off.”

He fell fast asleep as Miaka turned pale. She decided to head out as Hughes shook his head.

“Haah…what a day. But…”

He stared at the bed as a young girl was shivering. Before he head out, he spotted the girl moving towards Haru as she slept in front of him. She gave a smile as she relaxed when near him. He decided to close the door as he left the room.

After a few meters…


Haru screamed as Hughes rushes to the room. He became shocked as the girl bit Haru’s neck as blood dripped from his skin. Haru became lifeless as the girl now woke up. She had realise what she done as Hughes quickly grab her.

“You better run now…”


The girl was confused as she was carried off by Hughes. As they ran, they met Miaka as she was shocked to see Hughes panting.

“What’s wrong?”


Miaka was confuse as Hughes tossed the girl. As she was wondering…

“Youuuu fuuuuccccckkkkiiiinnnggg BITTTCCCCCHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

A loud voice emerge as Miaka became pale as white. She knew what Hughes meant as she ran for her lives while carrying the girl with her…


Then some time latter…

“Hughes, prepare a big pot. Were going to have some Fox stew.”

As he said that, he toss Miaka towards him. Haru summoned two big knives as he crazily laughed.

“First, you brought a girl to my room. Then, that girl just drank me dry. It hurts like hell and now i’m hungry for some fox stew. Hahahahaha.”

Haru laugh as Miaka was pleading for Hughes. As he began to draw closer to her, Miaka crawled away like a worm as tears ran through her face. She knew Haru was really mad that he brought his favorite cooking tools. He would become serious if he uses his special knives.

“Hmfffmmfmfhhfm (forgive me Master!)”


She realised that Haru broke as heswung his knives around.

“Gonna cook some foxes~♡
  Every part will be good~♡
  How i wish the flavor will be~♡
  Some delicious stew~♥”

Miaka pissed herself as Haru began to sing. Since after the incident with the king, his sanity isn’t properly intact. He would always revert to his past self as his childish nature teriffied Miaka.

“Chop, Chop, Chop~♡
  Slice, Slice, Slice~♡
Even the Fox pissed~♡
It flavored the stew~♥”

Haru put the blade at her neck as blood started to spill on her neck. Hughes quickly pick up a bottle and put it on Haru’s mouth.


Haru glared at Hughes who began to feel drowsy. He fell uncouncscious as Maika cried.



It was a close call since it been a long time he snap…


So how was the teaser? It isn’t finished yet but i hope that you will read it after i’m finished with it. Thank you and bye…

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

Htpah Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I don’t hate you

“You don’t have to force yourself.”


I said that to Silica who became surprise. She didn’t expect my answer as she held on to me.

“No Crixus, i really love you.”

She kept saying that as she gripped my hand. I glared at her who became teary as shivered.

“You don’t have to lie, i always know that you love my brother. Even if i hurt myself, i wanted you to be happy.”

I smiled at her who became shocked. I walk away from her as i smiled.

“I alreay give up on you. Please don’t have me suffer anymore.”

Even though i smiled, she saw me cried as i walked away from her…


“I know your there.”


As i said that, May came out as i was surprise. I didn’t expect her to hear that. She nervously look down as i smiled.

“I don’t hate you.”

As she look at me smiling, she became red as she confess.

“I like you.”

As she said that, i replied as well.

“I like you as well.”

I smiled at her who became happy. I still continued…

“…as a comrade.”

Being together with her, fighting off monsters and even slaying the demon god. Saving people as well, we would go on adventures with someone by your side.

“Sir, could i borrow your sword?”

“Alright miss and well help you out as well. Boys! We got some monster to hunt.”

May was given a sword as the people pulled out their weapons as well. Why? Is there a monster inside the town? While i was thinking…

“Crixus, you should run.”


Before she could respond…


“Woah, hey what the-”


May began to get teary as the men charge at me.

“Hey, what the hell are you doing?”

“Were hunting a new monster. A dense monster.”

“Who’s that?”

As they kept attacking me, i tilted my head as i was confused. The men pointed at me as they glared at me.


May swing the sword at me as i fell unconscious…

Possessive Sisters Chapter 13

Chapter 13: A Jealous Sister

“Is this the little brother you talk about?”

A girl jumped in behind Marika-nee and was holding my hand as she look back at Marika-nee. Her hair was tied to her back as her green eyes stared at me. I flushed as she was a beautiful girl who held my hand.

“Ah…um…i’m Naru. N-n-nice to meet you.”

“Aw, he such a cute boy.”

She let go of my hand and hugged me. I got even redder as her chest had touch mine. Marika-nee pouted as she glared at me. The girl then seperated from me as she smell good.

“Are you by any chance, jealous?”

“Ahem. We should go now since all the members are here right, Akibayashi-kun?”

“Ah, yes.”

The girl grinned at Marika-nee who began to cough as she look at Kagura. He straighten up as he went towards me.

“Hey, do you like that type of girls, Naru?”


I silently nodded to Kagura as he grin. She was like an enrgetic girl who likes to have fun. She would seen fun to hang out but i don’t know if she likes me or not.

“I’ll help you get closer to Tamaki but on one ccondition.”

As he said that, he became serious as he held my shoulders and whisper into my ear.

“Could you help me with Kinoshita-san?”

He said that with coviction. I never thought that he like Kinoshita-san. But i look towards Tamaki-san who wave at us. I look back to Kagura as i nodded.

“Please help me master.”

He smiled as we followed the group…


(Third person POV)

There were three girls who follow Naru’s group. Yuna, Haruka and Kirino were hiding as they glared at Tamaki.


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