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December 2015

Reasons for Short Stories and Chapter link for AG

Arc here,

Today’s the last day of the year. I’m glad that i have found people that were intrested in my stories. On my Royal Road, people complain because of the short chapters. There are two reasons why is that.

Reason 1:
You all know that i wrote stories for fun. I just joined about 3 months ago since i had nothing to do and i recently found a person, writing stories online. So, why not write my own? Thats how i got here. I was a reader of novels and comics before i started to write my own.

Stories are not hard to make to since you need experience and imagination, and i got both. I also recommend you to start fo write your own. Do not judge by people’s opinion, if you have one of the two or both, you should start to make your own.

Reason 2:
I’m using my phone since i don’t own a computer. If i have a computer or a laptop, i could post more or i make the chapters longer. My phone also lags and hard to use in posting.

I won’t ask for donation since i don’t like to owe people and i want you guys to endure my short and slow updates.

As for my grammar, ahahaha, my bad.

I’m still not used to writing stories that i made a lot of grammar mistakes. I try to become good at making my stories better and lessen my mistakes.

Thanky you for listening to my reasons and here’s the link for AG chapter:
Chapter 4

Arcadia Blade, signing out.


Hero for Hire chapter 7

Chapter 7: Miaka gets serious.

Miaka stood in front of the demon. Her playful nature hasn’t change as she was preparing to punch the demon.


The wind had condense from her hand, it created a votex, blasting towards the air. It had shot though the air as it blew off the arm of the demon.


The screams of the demon had been heard by many people as he wailed from losing his arm. He search the area to find the culprit. As he did so, he saw a cheerful girl that had her fist stuck out. His face warped with rage as he roared.


Countless magical formation had formed beside the man as fire started to appear. Maika dodge the incoming fireballs, only playing with him as she dodge. A stray fireball was comming towards the inn, as it was aimed at Yumiko. She failed to notice the ball comming towards her until it was too late. As she waited her life to end, it didn’t happen.

“The fuck are you doing bitch?”

Haru easily caught the fireball using his bare hands and easily crushed it while he growled at her. She froze at the scene. As she stared at haru, her mind couldn’t operate properly.

*ba-dump* ba-dump*

Her heart races that she was save by haru. Even through he was harsh to her, she could never stop her heart from beating so fast.


“Two reasons: one was money, two was the inn. That’s all. If the two didn’t apply, i don’t give a shit about you.”

His harsh words pour cold water at her but she was still dazed by the thing he did. Haru was pissed that Miaka was playing around with the demon.

“Miaka, would you stop fucking playing around or i’ll have to do it my fucking self.”

Miaka momentarily pause as it gave the demon a chance to attack her. She couldn’t dodge the fireball and was hit. The demon laughed maniacly as he thought he had obliterated her…

But Graihlnol knew that he had fucked up…

As the smoke cleared up, he saw a Miaka, perfectly unharmed. Then, he started shivering as his sweat started to pour on his face. The usual cheerful Miaka had now completely change. She twisted her hands and it had popped out two blades on her gauntlet.

The two blade formed a crecent shape. Then, blades of light started to apprear on both her hands. As she use the blades of light to cut an object, it was easily cut through like butter. The demon was gastly pale when she had used those blades, he started to cast as many barrier to block those blades. Even if he could at least block the attack is what he had thought.

When Miaka move, she became blur and couldn’t be seen by the demon until it was too late. She had arrive in front of the demon and swung her blade, splitting the demon. The demon couldn’t even seen the attack until it was too late.

The three saw Miaka move like a beautiful assassin at night as she had gracefully landed on one of the buildings. As she slowly return to the group, she gracefully capture the people, especially the men, giving a graceful walk like a princess at night when moving towards the group. After she had returned, became the usual Miaka when hugging haru.

“Miaka had done what master said, can Miaka have the reward?”

Miaka was waiting for the reward as her ears twitch and her tail wag. Any man would fall for such an adorable girl but…


“Damn bitch, you almost killed my client and now you ask a reward?”

He only clawed her face as she was helplessly crushed. When haru let go of Miaka, she became depress as she was only treated that way. Touya was enraged when haru had treated her cruelly. When he was about to shout at haru…

“…Good job.”

Haru patted her head. Miaka doze off for a few minutes until she became cheerful again. Touya, seeing this scene was a little jealous at Haru.


Arc here,

Sorry that i couldn’t post a chapter yesterday because i was sick. Today, i’ll post the chapter of HfH and switch to working on AG. I still sick but i will post AG by tomorrow or the next day.

Thank you.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

Htpah chapter 5

Htpah Ch 5: Adventuring together

Today, i here with her as we were caming at the woods. As to why i here with her is something i was confused about…


I was finally free from hell. My body was being beaten up by all of thr tools in the torture chamber. And the scariest thing is that after my body was bruised and dislocated, by using magic, they reattached and healed my body and then restarting the process again.

The king with a satisfied expression, face the hero with a serious expression.

“I’m sorry that i had to summonedyou to battle for our kingdom and you don’t even need to do that. I send this bastard in your place instead.”

He pointed his finger at me as he said that. Dafaq? Then why summon a hero? I have to fight the demons?

“Or would you go back to that place ins-”

“I’m willing to fight for the kingdom, your majesty.”

Hell no! That place is hell. I would rather fight the demon god that to face the hell course the king gave me. But the hero spoke up.

“No, i want to fight the demon king”

May stared at the king and looked at me. She contined but a little soft tone.

“And… besides, i-i want to fight t-together with him.”

She blushed a little and looked away from me. The king was very pissed at me.

“I had to accept that but i’ll have you choose someone else as your companion.”

The king denied of me being a companion to her but she plead to the king.

“I want him to be my comrade.”

As her puppy dog eyes stared at the king. I think that i saw his heart that was written as ‘daddy heart’ being shot by an arrow. The king was hesitant to answer until…



And thats how i was the hero’s comapnion…

Hero For Hire Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The encounter with a demon

“I hope Uncle is okay…”

Miaka sighed as they headed to the inn. Touya kept glancing at Miaka as they walk. ‘I want to know…’ only the thoughts across his head while never noticing the two girls that were glaring at him.

*Bang* *Bang*



The three were startled by the sounds that were comming inside the building. Then, a middle age man came out running for his life while a boy was chasing him. The three knew who the boy was but who was the old man?


“Hahaha, i almost died back there. Miaka, why didn’t you hide it?”


Hughes grief at her when he sat on the chair, Miaka only stick her tongue out while the three only observe the two. Haru had to borrow one of the rooms to sleep so they were only the four where in the room.

“But man, i never thought that you three are the same place as haru.”

Hughes was surprise that the three were summoned were the same world as haru. When he met him, the kid was easily scared of everything. But in the year after he had left on his journey, he had greatly change.

Hughes felt gloom that a young child was treated that way and had to carry a burden so heavy at such a young age.

“Um sir? Can you tell me more about Haru?”

As he was reminising, Touya questioned Hughes about Haru’s past. Miaka was about say it but she was covered by Hughes’ hand.

“Listen boy, you should not ask anything about his history. Ask when it is the right time. He had face some complications with his past and if you want to find out, you should go and ask him.”

Hughes then glared at Miaka.

“Brat, you know more about him than me, Why do you think he didn’t tell them himself?”

Miaka felt gloom after hearing Hughes words. Touya then stared Miaka.



Touya’s heart was beating fast when he stared at her. He was scared to find out the truth but he had mustered his courage and ask her about it.

“D-do you love him?”



Touya had voiced out the question, the two beside him was shocked and Hughes was impressed by him. Only Miaka stared at him with conviction.

“Yes…I love master…”


As she answered, his heart became gloom. But her words didn’t end there…

“…but he is in love with someone else.”


They were startled Miaka. Touya’s heart was ease when she had said that but they were curious to who had stolen that guy’s heart. As she was about say, Haru had clawed her before she could speak.

“Did say something, bitch?”

“Sowy, Mauster.”

His face was ugly as she was just about to talk about’her’. Then, he threw her outside the inn. Everyone was shocked that he did that to a girl.


“You can hate me all you want but use that energy for the enemy.”


Just after they said those words…

*Bang* *Bang* *Bang*

A loud roar of explosions had startled them and then someone’s laughter arise.

“Hahaha. The demon king’s army shall rule you all. I, Graihlnol, shall purify these lands with blood and the world will face the wrath of the demons. You, people, shall now be sacrifice to our lord. Hail to the demon king!”

The five of them step outside, only to see a humanoid, flying. His facial feature and body were like humans but with horns on both sides of his head, wings of a bat and a tail. He had look like a devil as he shoots fireballs onto the people that had stood there.

“Ah! Its a demon!”


Many screams arise and people were running away from the incoming fireballs. Some of them were caught by the fire while some were hit by the falling debris that the fireball had cause. The three felt fear from many lives that were lost, even Moka could’t stomach to his and had vomitted. This really was something they never experience in their world. As they we in shock,

“The fuck are you guys doing? Do you want to stand there and fucking watch?”

The three were awoke by Haru’s voice. But their legs were shaking from fear. Haru only sighed at them. This was their first time seeing people died right in front of them.

“Hey Miaka, kill that asshole. The heroes are useless and i want you to go and teach these fuckers the reality of this world.”

“Yes! Master.”

As he said that, Miaka agreed and walk towards the demon.

Early release of chapter 6

Arc here,

Whew, i just finally finished with chapter 6 of HfH and in the next chapter, you will know the strength of Miaka. I will now post ch 5 on Roal Road and post 6 tomorrow. But for the people here, you get the early release of ch 6.

Thank you and see ya.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

Hero for Hire Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Miaka, the fox-beast girl

“Goddamn, this is to hard….”

“Can we take a break?”

“Ow, it hurts…”


Haru observe that the heroes are pitiful. He gave them training regiments for each other. Touya was fighting haru while the girls were running in the field. Haru sat beside a tree as the three were grasping for breath.

As he was about to sleep, a loud voice awoke him.


“Well shit…”

A strong shadow exceeding Touya’s eyessight could follow, it had tackle haru while breaking the large tree from the impact. A cloud of dust then finally emerge afterwards. As the cloud cleared up, they finally saw haru was clung unto by a young girl.

Long silver hair that wavered in the air, body that a model would envy from. But one thing that stand out the most, two pointy ears and a tail that swayed. This was the first time the three saw a beastman.

As the girl was clinging to him, haru use his hand to claw through her face and smash it to the ground. The three were speachless as he would do that to a young girl. The girl only felt relieved when she saw him.

“Welcome back, Master…”

“I back, Miaka.”

The three finally snapped back to reality as they approach them. When they saw her, everyone was awed by her beauty. But Touya’s heart beating rapidly when he saw her. Moka and Yumiko were beautiful girls but when they saw her, they felt envy.

While they were in daze, Miaka stood up and approach them…

“Nice to meet you, i’m Master’s number one desiple, Maika.”

As she proudly said that, her chest bounce that the girls felt gloom as they envy her chest. Touya was mesmerize by her beauty. His heart beats faster as he saw her crystal blue eyes. While they were talking, haru just silently walk way and found another tree to sleep in.

Last night, after drinking too many, he had a bad hangover that he lack sleep. As he slept, Miaka saw haru sleeping. She slowly approach him, a devious smile appeared from her as she slowly came towards him. Seeing this, Touya couldn’t help but felt envy from haru.

When she came towards him, he quickly woke up and hugged her. Maika, when hugged, felt extreme bliss as she was hugged. When haru finally came to his senses, clawed her again.



Just seing this scene, made the three shocked. Haru let go of her and walk away…

“Did that old fuck told you?”


She didn’t repond but grinned. And then, haru walk away feeling pissed. Miaka only prayed to Hughes to return alive…

Early release

Arc here,

I will be releasing HfH today. And juat so you know that i’ll be making the both longer (and cutting my free time) and hopefully that you keep reading the stories that i made.

Thank you and have a good day.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

Hero for Hire Side Chapter 1

Hey Arc here,

This is a bonus chapter only to my blog. The story of before the legend began….

The former hero’s life (part 1)

Inside the forest,

“Hey brat, how can you kill the demon lord if you can’t even kill a rabbit?”

“Why do i even have to kill it?”

“Shit! This stupid brat.”



“Why is he so useless?”

“Uuuu *sniff* *sniff*”

There where four people where bullying a kid, about 10 years old as he struggled to battle against a single monster. One man had punch the kid in the face while the other two watch the man beating the child. This was the hero from 3 years ago…

He was summoned on his 10th birthday as he was transported into a diffent place. Two guards where dragging the scared child. He was brought into the throne room against his will while tearing up, looking for his parents. The king was different from the previous one, he was an old man with cruel personality. He gave the boy to a adventure party known for their cruel and hellish training.

He had spend about 2 and a half years of pure torture and face off strong enemies while his party where watching him fight. He had slept ouside town, eating leftovers of his parties food and being used as their meat shield. Even his hard earn money had been used as their bills in their beer.

Every night, he had prayed for the gods to be brought back home to his parents and siblings. The life he had experience here was hell. On that night…

It was on a cold night, haru was thrown towards a dragon by his party. He was brutally tortured by the dragon while bis party laughed by his party. As he was about lose conscious, the dragon broke one of his bones. From the horrifying pain, he couldn’t take it anymore until he finally snapped. When he was conscious, he was shocked to find out that his body was in extreme pain as he looked at the corpse of a dragon and his party was cut in half. He had saw his hands, bathed with blood. He had killed and taken revenge at the same time. His cry, roared to the skies as he finally murdered someone and broke his sanity…

This was what had change inside him….

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