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November 2015

How to protect a hero chapter 1

Chapter 1: The hero that likes to fight

I feared at what i saw,

A pile of corpse whith broken weapons everywhere, countless knights were motionless as a single girl was smiling in the feild while staring at me.

Now let me recall why did this happened…


On the throne room, knights, nobles were staring at the girl in front of them. The king gave a smile at the girl as he bowed from his throne.

“We welcome you, oh great hero. We have been driven from our lands as the great demon and his army had rule about 3/4 of the continent. We are hereby apologize for summoning you, but we had need of your abilities in reclaiming our lands and defeat the demons.”

The king had been bowing as he had needed extreme help. The people were shocked at the humiliation the king had shown. The girl stood silently as she stared at the king with unfazed eyes. As she said one thing to the king…

“Let me have a fight with your knights.”


This is what happened afterwards…

She had defeated the knights without breaking. She was looking for more opponents as she search the area. When her eyes met mine, an evil smile surface from her. With her long hair that swayed with the air, she came towards me. I tried to escape but someone was holding my arm, it was the princess.

‘Do your best.’ Is what her eyes conveyed to me. I could not escape from the fate of being the heroes opponent (toy).



Are here,

Its been a long time, about a month? I was busy and couldn’t post some stories. I will still continue with my blog but i hope that you guys will forgive me.

I will return posting but my post will sometimes be on weekly, i’ll still contine on what i started. Thanks…

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

(P.S. i will post a chapter after this.)

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