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October 2015

Hero for Hire

This is the Prologue of Hero for hire. Enjoy…


What is a hero?

Saving the day?

Defeating Evil forces?

Why do all things when you can’t even save one person?

There was a hero, he was an ordiary boy. He was sent in a dangerous world while never experience in killing. Being raised in a peaceful world, it was hell to him. To experiece extreme horrors and dreadful monsters, he endured in reaching the demon king and defeated him.

Praised by the people around him, he was glad that he had reached the conclusion. But there is a twist, he could not return to his former world…

His parents, siblings, and even his the people he know, he will never will meet again.

But he didn’t suffer, he met a certain girl and fall in love with. In the harsh world, he found companionship and happiness. It would forget the horrible experience that he had seen. By being with her, he continue to live.

But the Goddess had cursed him again. His love was killed by the people who he had been saving. Driven by rage, he had vowed to never be a heroic person.

That is until a certain day…


Hey, do you like it? Thank you and have a nice day.

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How to protect a Hero

Hi this Arc, sad that i had to stop making time save but i will contine to finished what i had started. So today, i will introduce you the prologue of this story. Enjoy…



I envied my brother, he was raise by loved by our parents, praised in excellence and the girl i loved, he had taken it all. I never mad at my brother even he had that smug looked at his face. I want to be notice for my hard work, my acomplishment, my being.

I work as a knight in the capital. Being a solider while my brother will inherit the house, i work my way to become a imperial guard to the royalty. Then i was assigned to guard the princess in summoning the hero.

10 years ago, the demon god had invaded our land as he had conquered about 3/4 of the continent. Our kingdom was the last remaning forces that opposes the demon god. The hero summoning is our only hope in defeating the demon god.

As the light shines in the dark room, a person was laying down on the floor. She had black hair and a slim body that wore clothes that are well tailored, she really was from a different world. As she open her eyes, her blue eyes that gives life to the ocean as she survey the area around her. As she stared at the knight he gave a confused look at what she saw, it was the first meeting between the knight and the hero…


How do you think of the prologue? Stay tuned as i will post the other story. This will replace Time Save while the other will be posted weekly every wednesday.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

Time Save Chapter 11

Hi, Arcadia here,

This is the last chapter for Time Save (or maybe not). I want to thank you people for reading my story. May you have a blessed day.


Chapter 11: Mission Accomplished?

Alex was fading when he looked at the sky. As the tears feel on to his face, being scared of all he had accomplished so far.

Being a leader of trusted team, gaining many achievements, a boy that was praised hy his family and to love and be loved by the one he had hoped for; it was going to end.

The girl beside him was belildered when a boy in front of her was diappearing. She wouldn’t care but when she saw him crying, she couldn’t help that all of it was real. She just met him this morning but she could feel the connection between her and him.

As the lower body was completly faded, the boy had lost conscious but he had spoken a phrase as he looked at Kaila.


Kaila’s heart had skipped at beat when she heard that. She was confessed by a boy that was fading away. It was her first time being confess. She looked at the boy as he stared her with his purple eyes.

‘He-he confess to me? A boy like him?’ Her thoughts were a mess as she was never had this problem before.

‘ I am Daniel Sept’s Son, Alex Sept. I am your nephew.’

She had remembered the words he had said. She had recalled her conversation last night when she had talked to her friend, Liliana.


On a phone, Kaila and Liliana were having a conbersation until Liliana gave a certain subject.

“Hey, hey, i met this guy last night.”

“So, who is it?”

“A girl named Alexa but i think she is a guy.”


“Ah sorry, i don’t know why but i think he is hiding something.”

“Ah, so what does he look like?”

“He is black hair, thin build and what makes him so cute are his purple eyes that is so bewitching. Kyaa! I want to hug him so bad.”

“Wow, you really love him.”




She had an idea but she doesn’t know if her plan would work. But the person in question was fading, so she to do it.

“Hey, i help you in setting up your parents just please don’t disappear.”

She was crying to the boy who had confess to her she was scared that she really had fallen for him. But when she looked at the boy, she was shocked at what she seen.


The boy had his lower body back and he was slowly returning. She was smiling in joy as she hug him.


“Hohoho, what do we have here?”

Kaila was shock as she heard a voice at her back. When she turn around, she saw a demon that can be imagined that was growing horns. As Liliana was glaring at Kaila as she was stealing her possession.


As Alex had woke up from a nightmare. But he had never realize that he had to face a more nightmare that awaits him…


This was the ending but the story will continue…

This is Arcadia Blade, my stories may be a bit boring to some of you but i want to bring smiles to people that will enjoy each of my stories.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.

I’ll add some Teaser

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I’ll just add some Teaser Story that will post only monthly. But with your like on one particular teaser, i’ll move it up to my regular post (only if you like it).

So thanks….

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Possessive Sisters chapter 5


Just posting another chapter of possessive sisters.

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Chapter 5: Study madness (first part)

“I’m home and i brought a friend with me.”


As we walk inside the house, kagura was shaking.

(WTF? I get the feeling that i should not be here.)

Kagura was curious and was looking around the house while sweating. As we stood there, someone pounce on me as i was taking off my shoes.


“Woah, Yuna-nee.”



Yuna-nee was sniffing on my clothes like she was marking me. Then, Haruka-nee and Maika-nee came out of the room as they try to remove Yuna-nee from me.

Yuna-nee feels disappointed when seperated from me. Kagura was silent the whole time as he stared at the 3 beautiful girls in front of him.

“Um Naru? About the study…”

“Ah! Haruka-nee, can you help us?”

“W-what about me?”

“Um, sorry Yuna-nee. I know you can’t teach us anything.”

*sniff* *sniff*

Yuna-nee became teary eyed when i told her that. Yuna-nee is amazing at athletics but when about studies, she isn’t that good. As she look at me with puppy eyes, kagura had tapped my shoulders.

“Naru, do you think that she should need a help with her studies? You told me that Yuna-san’s grade is bad. She should need some help right?”

“Ah, yeah. Yuna-ne-”


Yuna-nee had jump at me before i could say anything. She had cried while hugging me. But with her physical strength…


As i see a blur of Haruka-nee that was smiling at Kagura, i fell unconscious…


As i woke up, Kagura was smiling at me while his arm was shaking. I never knew why he had been shaking as i was sleeping at my bed… as the day was still young, we had to continue our studies for the tomorrow’s test…

Time Save chapter 10


Only one chapter remaining. See ya.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.


Chapter 10: Thanks

After class, Alex met with kaila at the garden. It was a place that people rarely come after class so it was a best place for a cojversation. He never thought that she would come.

She stared at him, her cheeks became red. While mumbling about something, she sat across as she was wary about him.

“Hey, if your from the future, prove it.”

She glared at him, as he would be lying about it. He raise his arm and press a button from his watch as it release a light and showed a holographic screen. She was shocked at the device  that he showed her.

“Do you believe me now?”


She was amazed at the device he was wearing. As she stared at him, she recalled at the eyes that captivated her. Alex then pulled something from his pocket. It was the vial that he wanted her to drink.

“Before i could start, could you drink this?”

“What is it? A drink that would erase my memories? If so, no way.”

“No, its a drink for you. Its a medicine that relieves you. Because you had collapse this morning, i thought it will help you.”

“Oh, sorry for doubting you.”

As she took the vial, she took a sip of it. Looking at her face, he could tell that it was bitter. But as she drank it all, she became a little healthier. He could tell that the medicine works he stare at her.



As the girl was confused, Alex falls on the ground as he was slowly disappearing…

Possessive sisters Ch 4


Sorry for not posting 2 chapters, and now i’m starting to make the first chapter of how to protect a hero.

Arcadia Blade, signing out.


Chapter 4: The school life of Naru (latter half)

As we four were talking, someone approached us with a towel on her hand.

“Ah, Takeshi-kun.”

“Hmn? Oh, Touka-san. What is it?”


She handed me the towel that she was holding. When i took the towel.


She became bright red as she had touch my hand. Maybe she was sick.

“Are you okay?”


I got close to her as i checked her temperature. She became flustered as we were close to kiss at each other.


“Hey, your face is red.”

As i retreated back, i lifted her like a princess as we were about to head to the infirmary.

“W-w-wait! I-i-i’m f-f-fine!”

“But your burning up.”


As she became teary eyed, i gently put her down.

“I’m sorry.”


“I had made you cry. Please forgive me.”

“No, its fine. I just got a little light headed that’s all.”

“But are you sure your fine?”

“Yeah, thanks for worried about me.”

“Its fine, my sisters told me that i should take care of girls gently and make sure i won’t hurt their feelings.”

“They are really nice sisters.”

“But your also nice as well.”


And she blushed red again. As i got close to her…

“Umm… sorry.”

She ran away again…


“This guy…”

“A smooth talker…”

“I guess i’m not that liked after all.”


“Be strong, my child.”


As Kira and Gouda were pissed at me, Kagura comforted me after Touka-san left. I really don’t understand girls at all…


After class, i kept on looking for the surroundings as someone kept on staring at me since this morning.

“Hey Naru, what’s wrong?”

“I have the feeling that someone was staring at me since this morning.”

(You only notice that now?)

Kagura made a surprise look while looking at me. I made a questioned look at him while packing my things. As i closed the bag, kagura made a serious expression.

“Hey Naru, do you think that your sisters will help in our studies later?”

“Yeah, they seemed excited to meet you.”

“Do you think i could score one of your sisters? Please don’t be mad.”

“No, not at all. But i think you will be rejected, flat because i heard that even popular guys got sent home, crying. So i only wish you luck.”


He made an pained look at me because i made the stakes go higher for him. I’m not mad because i want my sisters to find a boyfriend that would cherished them. Even if they would left me because i was a brother to them, that made me glad that i have a kind sisters.

As we left our classroom, rain was falling at us that would mean that a storm was approaching…

Time Save ch 9


Only 2 chapters left. Bye

Arcadia Blade, signing out.


Chapter 9: The promise between friemds

It was at the classrom. As the people stared at Alex, he had a serious look while facing the sky.

(Now i had done something regretable.)

He gave a sigh as he looked at his hand. His hand was slowly disappearing as he stared at it. Because of a time change, he was slowly becoming nonexistant. He had wasted too much time because of the incident with Liliana.

(I told kaila that i would tell her after class and not  to tell her brother.)

As he though about his existence, slumped as he had regert something…

(I’m sorry, Lara…)


“Hey Alex, your gonna leave?”

“Hey, don’t pout on me Lara. I’ll be sure to come back.”


In the future, Alex was talking to a girl. She had Blond hair, silver eyes and a body that was slender. Lara, it was Alex’s best friend. They were unseperable since kids.

It was one day that they would be seperated because of Alex’ recruitment to the army. Before Alex left, they both meet in their secret hideout since kids.



“I’ll miss you…”

“I know….”

Tears was running on Lara’s cheeks as she was hugging him. Alex made a sour look as he was leaving her.

“Lara… i won’t forget it.”

“Yeah, please don’t forget it.”

“”The promise…””

As they stared at each other, they slowly come closer to each other. They kissed while forming tears as they seperated from each other…


Back to the present time, Alex had made a decision as he formed tears that he will regret it.

(I will…)

He slowly walked out on the classroom as he wipe the tears on his eyes. He had made a decision as he look serious without even looking back at his choice…

Possessive Sisters ch 3


Just an update for to day, enjoy…

Arcadia Blade, signing out.


Chapter 3: The School life of Naru (first half)

It was morning, but it feels like it was different because this is the first time that they didn’t come at my room. As I rose from my bed, I was really alone in my room.

I had finished taking a bath and when I walked towards the dinning table, i found Maika-nee cooking scrambled eggs and bacon.

“Morning Maika-nee, why aren’t dressed yet?”

“Well, i had no class today. So are Yuna and Haruka.”

“I see. So i am the only one who’s going.”


Why is Maika-nee grinning? I’m jealous of them since they had no class. As I was about to step outside…

“Bye Naru, be careful.”

“See you.”

Yuna-nee and Haruka-nee woke up and wave at me. I tbought they would stop me and begging me to skip class. Well, I had to met with Kagura first.


“Hey Naru.”

“Oh, Kagura.”

I met Kagura on the sidewalk. He is my best friend, Tobinashi Kagura. A brown hair with light orange eyes. His slim build and a little taller than me about 158cm. As we talk about the new game that was release today.

“Ah, Takeshi-kun and Tobinashi-kun.”

“Hello Asakura-san.”

“Hey Asakura.”

We met with Asakura as we were getting a drink. She is Asakura Saya, my classmate with black hair, paired with her light brown eyes. She has a small build but the one thing she stands out are her well developed chest.

“Its rare that we bumped into each other right?”

“Or did you just wait for Na-”


“Gnu…ugh… Asakura still gives a strong….blow.”


“Hey Naru, please…burn the books that I hid under the bed… Goodbye…”



I won’t ever forget about you Kagura…


“Geez, when are you gonna join in the drama club?”

“Until my acting skills get any better.”

“Naru, you still have so much to learn.”

“Yes sensei.”



We joke around as we walked towards school. I get the feeling that I was being watch by someone…


[PE Class]

We were on the feild, playing soccer. Kira-kun was running with the ball as Gouda-kun was following him.

“I’m open!”

I shouted as I was clear to make the shot.


As he passed the ball, I catch and jump, dodging a slide kick that was in front.



I shot it towards the  goal, the goalkeeper couldn’t catch the ball as it hit the net.


I raise my hands as I give a victory pose.

“Hey, way to go Naru.”

“Yeah, nice pass Kira.”

“Not only are you good in sports, your also good in studies as well, no wonder your popular with the girls.”

“Am I popular?”


As I gave a question, they gave me a dead look.


“You dense motherfucker.”

“I’m not dense, I just can’t understand girls. They are like math, hard to solve.”

“Then you need help from the love master.”

Kagura-kun then comes forward while moving while holding both arms like a prayer.

“Please guide me sensei.”

As I bow towards him, giving respect to him like a master.


As Kira and Gouda were silent in our comedy act, I felt a strange feeling that someone was watching like this morning.

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